Skipping with Lee James – workshops

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This week we have had Lee James in giving skipping workshops to all children from junior infants to sixth class. He was amazed at the standard of the skipping of all of the children. Skipping is a fantastic way of … Continue reading

Signs of Spring!

Happy New Year everyone! We are delighted to be back in school today. Despite it being the last month of winter it was lovely to be welcomed back by signs of spring already this year! We have spotted five beautiful daffodils in our school yard, with hopefully more in the coming weeks. These are the first signs we have received that spring is coming.


Intel mini scientist

Four pupils from fifth class  have been chosen to participate in the Intel mini scientist competition in Leixlip on the 12th and our very exited. We can not wait to see the other projects and present ours. There was a lot of great projects in our own school so the projects there will probably be great. We will be posting live from the competition so you will know about the other presentations. We will be explaining about the effects of e-cigarette on the lungs. We were mainly basing our project on the effects of cigarettes on the lungs but since the judges said that the e-cigarette were very new and interesting we are doing are project on them.


Electric Current Fourth Class

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As the science exhibtion is upon us it is time to share some of the things that fourth class have been learning about. We have being looking at electric current and how it works and what circuits are? We used … Continue reading

Parallel Circuits & Series Circuits

Mr Kelly’s fourth class have been learning all about parallel circuits and series circuits. Check out some of the pictures here: #

Easter Bonnets

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  This week we had our annual Easter Bonnet Parade. On Friday the 11th  of April 2014 we had our awards ceremony. Here are some pictures. Happy E aster from everyone in St . Clare’s PS have a nice holiday. … Continue reading