European Week of Sport 2016



The European Week of Sport aims to promote sport and physical activity across Europe. The week is for everyone, regardless of age, background or fitness level.

 Irish SCHOOLS are asked to promote physical activity in whatever way that they can during European Week of Sport. The focus of the week should be on FUN and INCLUSIVE physical activity.

#BeActive is a great way to kick start the school year.

St Clare’s – European #BeActive Education Award Finalists

Check out St Clare’s making waves across social media today!

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Dublin Science Festival

Click on the link below for information on ‘The Festival of Curiosity’ taking place in the RDS from 25th-29th of July. This unique event will provide an opportunity for parents, families and the public to interact with science as a cultural activity outside of the academic year.

Dublin Science Festival

Tie Dye 2nd Class Room 11

Last week in room 11 we had great fun using the technique of tie dying to create wonderful designs on some cotton material.

We made up the dye solution using water, salt, and fabric die. When we had tied up our t-shirts and pieces of cotton with elastic bands, we soaked them in the dye for a couple of hours, stirring occasionally. After leaving them to soak, you must wash them in the washing machine and leave to dry.

Today we got to open them up to reveal all the unique designs and patterns that we created. We are thrilled with the results and are looking forward to wearing our new t-shirts and tops!

Experimenting with magnets: 2nd Class Room 11

Today we learned a little about magnets and how they work. We found out that they only attract certain types of metal, like iron, cobalt and nickel.

Magnets have two poles, one north and one south. Through experimentation of magnets we were able to show that opposite poles will attract, and same poles will repel each other.

We also tested the ability of magnets to work through various materials. We used paper clips and tested to see if the magnets were working through cotton, tin foil, wood, card, plastic and also water. After testing them we then recorded and discussed our results. We had a lot of fun experimenting with magnets.

Grandparents Day

Wednesday 30th of January was Grandparents Day. In our school we had a special visitor, her name was Mrs.O Shea. She is a grandparent. She talked about her childhood days, how she made her first Christmas tree and how there was no television or video games when she was young. She told us that her family were lucky to have a radio and that all her family used to sit around and listen to it. She told us about her disabled friend and that we should thank God for what we have.

Grandparents Day