June 2013 022We have been very busy in Room 2!

This month we planted sunflower seeds.

ImageWe recycled our milk cartons to plant the seeds in.

We learned that seeds need soil, water and sunlight to help them grow.Image

ImageImageFirst we put some soil into our cartons. Then we made a little hole for our seeds. Next we covered the seeds with more soil. Then we watered the soil. Last, we put our cartons on the window sill so the sun will shine on them and help the seeds to grow.

We really enjoyed planting seeds with our teacher!


Electricity Hunt in Room 2

Last week we learned about electricity.

We talked about things that use electricity at home and in school.

Teacher gave us stars and we had to put them on things in our classroom which use electricity.

We found lots of items which use electricity!

ImageThe computer monitor. Image

The interactive whiteboard.

ImageThe lights.

ImageThe intercom

ImageThe radio.

We talked about electricity safety rules.

We also talked about how important it is not to waste electricity.