Easter Bonnet Parade 2014

On the 10th of April 2014 St.Clare Primary School had their annual Easter Bonnet Parade. Their were lots of creative and imaginative bonnets of all shapes and sizes. They were very colorful bonnets.

Some of my favourites was one that was shaped like a playground and one that was shaped like an Easter Island head.

The parade lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes. Classes from Junior Infants to Sixth Class gathered in the hall to present their Easter Bonnets. The parade was presented by Ms. Moran stated that she had never seen such beautiful bonnets in all the years we have held it.

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St. Clare’s Wins Dublin City Neighbourhood Award.

We are delighted to announce that we are the overall winners of the Dublin City Neighbourhood Award for 2012. The Green School Committee received the award on Friday at a ceremony hosted by the Lord Mayor in the Mansion House. We had been successful in winning the South East Region Award and were thrilled to be awarded Overall Winner for Dublin City. We have worked very hard to reduce our energy and waste in the school and also maintain and improve our school environment  by planting vegetables, growing wild flowers and creating a butterfly garden. All this hard work helped us to win the award. Well done to everybody!

You can read the Dublin City Council Press Release about the event at:


Butterflies in St. Clare’s PS

One day in May, Mr. Harte ordered some caterpillars for our Butterfly Garden. It took one week to get the caterpillars to St.Clare’s PS. We transferred our caterpillars into little vial. We put a piece of blue tissue on top of the vial and then put the lid on. After a few days the caterpillars went to the top of the veils and began to swing them selves into their pupa, during this process the caterpillars lost their heads. When the caterpillars were in their pupas we put them on a ridged piece of paper and placed them carefully on to the ridged piece of paper and put it into their habitat cage . It took the caterpillars eight to thirteen days to transform into Butterflies. The first day one butterfly hatched from its pupa .The following day six other Butterflies hatched.

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Fourth Class – German Footballer Project

Fourth class created a powerpoint about German Footballers.

We took two very good German footballers and made a powerpoint about them. There names are Bastian Schweinsteiger and Mesut Ozil. Schweinsteiger plays for Bayern Munchen. Mesut Ozil plays for Real Madrid. They both play around the middle of the pitch. They are both very good at passing the ball.

Check out the great powerpoint that they created by clicking on the link      GermanFootballers

German – Easter Table

Every year in our school we put up an Easter Table in the school hall. Our German teacher Frau Redmond brings in all of the beautiful decorations for us and sets up the table with some help from the pupils. Each class gets an Easter tree for their class which they decorate with lovely handmade decorations made by the class themselves. Easter is great fun in our school because we do a lot of arts and crafts about the joyous holiday. In the older classes the pupils blow eggs, paint each egg in whatever design they like and hang the eggs on the Easter tree. We love Easter in our school and this year we are having a raffle to celebrate the special time of year. We are also having an Easter egg hunt for the pupils of the class that bring in the most copper for the copper hunt. Here are some pictures of the Easter table.

Art Exhibition 2012

Thanks to everyone who made last week’s art exhibition such a success!

We received wonderful feedback, from parents, teachers and pupils alike.

Coming soon: Interviews and presentation of data collected at the exhibition.

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Intercultural Day 2011

St. Clare’s school has pupils from over 16 different countries! These countries include Albania, Italy, Spain, Russia, Poland, India, Germany, The Philippines England, Romania, Georgia, Moldova, Congo and Ireland. Every year the school hosts an Intercultural Day at which the pupils from all the different nations present different facts about their country. Ms. Redmond helps the children in creating all the different displays. Parents also attended the day.

IMG_1054 (Small)

Siobhan Parkinson also attended the event. She is the current Laureate na nÓg. “Laureate na nÓg is a position awarded in Ireland once every two years to a distinguished writer or illustrator of children’s books. It was set up by the Arts Council of Ireland in 2010” (Wikipedia). During the year she also worked with the fifth class in creating their own books! That was an amazing experience for everyone involved and a real privilege.  You should come to the school and read some of the amazing books.

Check out some of the other photos of the day here as well.

You can also listen to one pupil’s report on her stand for the Intercultural Day 2011.

We all had a great day.

German Christmas Market

Today at St Clare’s we had our German Day.Our German teacher Mrs Redmond organised a food display full of traditional German Christmas food. Everyone had a turn to go down to the hall to try them all, first it was the four classes that learn to speak German and then continuously down the classes.  We also had a visit from Sister Bernadette and Sister Mary. Every year in Germany in towns they have a Christmas market.In these Christmas markets people set up stalls and sell handmade things like ornaments,food and gifts. Here is a link that gives you the history of German Christmas Markets.

Listen to interviews with Sister Bernadette and Sister Mary here.

Interview 1:

Interview 2:

These are some of the pictures of the day

German Day Christmas 2010 030 (Small) German Day Christmas 2010 013 (Small)
German Day Christmas 2010 016 (Small) German Day Christmas 2010 017 (Small)
German Day Christmas 2010 003 (Small) german xmas 2010 015 (Small)