Testing Materials in 1st Class

In Ms. Ryan’s 1st Class we investigated different materials to see which ones were waterproof. We used Buster the puppet to help us. We predicted if the following materials were waterproof; rubber, cotton, nylon, plastic and tin-foil. We recorded our predictions.

We tested the materials by wrapping a piece of each one around Buster’s arm. Buster’s arm was dipped into the water for thirty seconds each time. We then checked to see if his arm was wet or dry. If his arm was dry it showed us that the material was waterproof. Sadly, poor Buster got wet when we tested the cotton, nylon and tin-foil as these are not waterproof. We would not recommend using these materials when making a raincoat.

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Floating and Sinking; What is the best material for a life jacket?

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We had great fun this week in Senior Infants in room 2. We wanted to find a good material to use in life jackets so we started by investigating different materials to see if they would float or sink when … Continue reading

Junior Infants Science Week 2013

In Junior Infants we listened to the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ during science week. We decided to do an experiment to check the materials that the houses in the story were made from. We also made houses using potatoes and paint.

Our experiment
What material is the strongest?

What we did:
We built three houses using

  • Straw
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Blocks

We checked which material was the strongest by blowing the houses down.

Our result:
The house make with blocks was the strongest. The house made with straws was the weakest.