Incredible Edibles Project – Room 4

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Today we began our Incredible Edibles Project!  It is a healthy eating initiative for Primary School pupils. It encourages schools across the country to get busy growing carrots, lettuce, potatoes, strawberries and turnips.

We planted potatoes, lettuce seeds, carrot seeds, strawberry seeds and turnip seeds in our vegetable bed today. We had to make drills to place the seeds into and then cover the seeds over with compost. After this we watered our newly planted seeds. We will be busy bees over the next few weeks watering and taking care of our crops!

Autumn Walk – First Class

Our teacher told us that we would be going on an Autumn Walk this afternoon. First, we gave some children jobs to do on our walk. One person had to tick our checklist, some others were taking pictures.

Next, we got into pairs and got our coats on. It’s a very chilly day! We went out to the yard and the front garden and we saw lots of amazing things! We saw cats, colourful leaves, a small pumpkin, flowers, hazelnuts and lots of other things too. We each collected two things for our Nature Table. We had loads of fun on our Autumn Walk!

Check out the pictures we took on the walk here.