Global Warming


Pupils in 4th and 6th Class have been investigating the effects of heat.

One student has been researching global warming.

This is a phenomenon which affects us all.


Global Warming Solutions

The Earth’s temperature has risen considerably since the middle of the 20th century. This is because of an increase in greenhouse gases.

Greenhouse gases are created every time we use electricity, drive our cars and create something in a factory.



This video shows how greenhouse gases are increasing the Earth’s temperature.

Global warming will negatively affect life of Earth in a number of ways.

Polar Bear by Carla Lombardo EhrlichIt will cause the polar ice caps to melt destroying habitats.

global-warming-is-goodIn approximately one hundred years the countries with normally rich and moist soils will become deserts.

A-flood-sign-warns-of-flo-001The melting of the polar ice caps causes the sea levels to rise. This in turn causes a increased risk of floods and tsunamis.

We all must work together to protect the environment and try to reverse the effects of global warming.

Our Trip to European Union Parliament Information Office

Today our class went to the European Union Parliament.

We first left our school and walked to the bus-stop nearby. When we arrived we continued to walk to the EU Parliament Office, it was a tall red-brick building. When we entered and took our seats in the conference room, we were greeting by Anne McEvoy. She showed us a slide show all about general information about the European Union. We learned very interesting facts such as, there are 23 languages spoken within the EU, one of them being Irish. The EU also has a total population of over 500 million! Ireland joined the EU in 1973, 40 years ago.

Ireland has 12 Members of the European Union (MEPs) but later this year, when Croatia joins, we will have only 11 Members of the European Union.

She also showed us a video that told us mainly how the EU started, why it started, how it affected Ireland and us, the advantages of being in the EU and other interesting information. The EU was established after World War 2 so the countries of Europe would never break out in war again.

After the video we did a Table Quiz on the EU.

We started off with simple questions such as, how many countries are in the EU. Then it came to hard questions such aswhich European country is known for windmills and flowers. The winning team of 4 was ‘Team Ireland’ and they got a USB key each. Also, everyone in our class also received a table mat with a map of Europe highlighting all of the EU countries as well as the elected countries to join in the future.

The trips was a fun and educational trip that our class really enjoyed. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage