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Welcome to German with a Schultüte!

On Friday, September 19th, we celebrated the ten boys and girls who started to study German for the first time by giving them a Schultüte. Schultüten ( = “school cones”) are a vital part of school life in Germany and are presented to school children on their first day of school. The idea behind the tradition is to make the start into school life a bit sweeter. At St. Clare’s the advanced German students handcrafted lovely Schultüten during class, which later were filled with little surprises by German teacher Frau Clarke. Well done to everyone! Gut gemacht!

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At St. Clare’s German is taught as an extra-curricular subject on Thursdays (for third and fourth class pupils) and on Fridays (for fifth and sixth class pupils) from 2.30 to 3.45 pm. All students are welcome!

Water Safety Month.

This is Water Safety month, and all the classes from 1st to 6th have been learning about how to stay safe when in or around water.

Next week, the senior classes will be learning how to carry out land-based rescues using ropes and buoyancy aids with a member of the Irish Water Safety association.

Click here to visit the Irish Water Safety website, which is full of useful information.

The Aqua Attack website has lots of tips for kids, as well as puzzles and games which help us to learn more about water safety. Click here to visit the website.

Remember to stay safe when visiting the pool, beach, canal or places near water this summer!

Art Exhibition: Interviews.

Three 3rd Class pupils interviewed parents at our art exhibition.

One parent said it was “absolutely brilliant” and that there were “lovely colours.” He would “highly recommend” coming to the exhibition.

Another parent thought the exhibition was “very good.” She also thought that there was “lots of colour” and she would recommend visiting the exhibition.

One parent said there was “a real variety of work” from Junior Infants to 6th class. She really liked the Modigliani portraits that 6th class made.

Some parents were asked what their favourite paintings were. One parent said he likes the ‘Mona Lisa’ because it’s “very graphic looking.” Another parent said that she doesn’t have one favourite piece of art, she said “I like all art.”

The interviewers all enjoyed going to the exhibition. They enjoyed looking at paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci and ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch. One interviewer really liked 5th Class’s Pop Art pictures and 6th Class’s Picasso paintings.

Art Exhibition 2012

Thanks to everyone who made last week’s art exhibition such a success!

We received wonderful feedback, from parents, teachers and pupils alike.

Coming soon: Interviews and presentation of data collected at the exhibition.

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