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One Good Idea National Final 2020 Winners

Today was a very big day for our Party Bag Busters. The One Good Idea National Final Virtual Event ​​​​​​took place on YouTube! 🎉🎊🎉


Emperor Penguins

Today in second class we have been learning all about emperor penguins. They live in the Antarctic. Weather in the Antarctic is cold and the temperate can go as low as -60 degrees Celsius.
Emperor penguins are the largest penguin species. They are nearly 4 feet tall and weigh up to 90 pounds. On their cheeks they have an orange glow. The mummy penguin lays the egg and then goes off fishing. The daddy penguin keeps the egg warm for 9 weeks. When the chick is born the mummy comes back to feed it and the dad goes off fishing.

Global Warming


Pupils in 4th and 6th Class have been investigating the effects of heat.

One student has been researching global warming.

This is a phenomenon which affects us all.


Global Warming Solutions

The Earth’s temperature has risen considerably since the middle of the 20th century. This is because of an increase in greenhouse gases.

Greenhouse gases are created every time we use electricity, drive our cars and create something in a factory.



This video shows how greenhouse gases are increasing the Earth’s temperature.

Global warming will negatively affect life of Earth in a number of ways.

Polar Bear by Carla Lombardo EhrlichIt will cause the polar ice caps to melt destroying habitats.

global-warming-is-goodIn approximately one hundred years the countries with normally rich and moist soils will become deserts.

A-flood-sign-warns-of-flo-001The melting of the polar ice caps causes the sea levels to rise. This in turn causes a increased risk of floods and tsunamis.

We all must work together to protect the environment and try to reverse the effects of global warming.

Maths Week Shape Hunt

We went on a maths shape hunt in our school grounds. It was very exciting.

Do you know, there are maths shapes hiding everywhere?

IMG_1559 (Medium)

We went looking for squares, rectangles, circles, semi-circles, ovals and triangles. We even found hexagons and a star.



Which, do you think, is the most common shape in our environment?


We found cylinders, cuboids and even spheres.


There are shapes in nature but there aren’t any straight lines.


Tom and Lucas found some great value in these shapes!

Can you name the shapes? Can you name the lines?




We found 3 shapes in this one.


Hanifa found these lines. They are all going in the same direction. What are they called? We have a lot of them around the school.

Can you spot them?




On our hunt, Finn spotted cars of different colours – red, silver, black.

Can you count them on your way up the avenue in the morning?

Charlie found numbers on the cars. We played “find the number” game. You have to search quickly!

Charlie found lots of rectangles.


Lucas calculated how many chairs are in each pile. Then he calculated how many chairs there were altogether. If you pass these chairs, what would be a quick way to find out?


Even in our school kitchen, we spotted cuboids, cylinders, circles, and parallel lines.


Fionnuala noticed that the bottle was in the shape of a cylinder.


Finn took photographs of the bikes and scooters. Some have 3 wheels.

Can you count in threes?


Tom noticed that the tree trunk is in the shape of a cylinder.


We had a great time on our shape hunt. We hope you enjoyed looking at our photos. Make sure to keep looking for shapes and lines when you are out and about. Maybe you could have your own shape hunt at home!