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Book Character Costume Parade

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What a busy and fantastic day! We had our annual book character parade. Well done to all the boys and girls who put a huge effort into dressing up as their favourite book character.

Be safe and have a wonderful mid term break everyone!

Yoga in the Classroom

Today in 2nd class we did Yoga. Yoga will help us improve our flexibility and coordination. It will also help us with our listening skills. We were taught how to do six different poses – the dog, tree, mountain, flowers, cat and turtle. We listened to a yoga story and every time we heard one of the words we went into that pose. Fionn said he found it relaxing and enjoyable. Bobby said he found it interesting and Danielle thought it was really really fun!

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Famous Europeans

In February we started our Blue Star project. As a part of this project we researched the  famous Europeans that helped to change the European history.  We had to find out all about them, what they did,what their life was like. It was very interesting. We got to know their life story better and how they achieved their goals.Now because of people like Leonardo Da Vinci, Einstein,Vincent Van Gogh and Oscar Wilde we have beautiful pictures in our galleries,important scientific discoveries and creative stories.
We had great fun finding out about these people.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage