Be Active Programme

The children in 1st class started the Be Active After-School Activity Programme on Tuesday afternoon with Ms O’Donnell, Ms Ni Dhomhnaill, Ms Mc Ginley and some parents from our school. The Be Active ASAP introduces children to physical activity in a safe, familiar, structured setting. The programme aims to improve the attitudes of both children and their parents towards physical activity. You can find out more information on .

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On Tuesday the children took part in athletics activities. They had great fun. Have a look at our pictures!

The Sunday Business Post praises our Achievement

An article was published on the 16th of December in The Sunday Business Post referring to the hard work and effort we put into keeping our school green, leading to our win of the Dublin City Neighbourhood Award.

To read the full article please click on the link below.

Article Sunday Business Post 16.12.2012

AND gates – Boolean Logic

We were learning about Boolean Logic today. Basically it is a group of switches that are either turned ON or OFF and they in turn on a light bulb. All of the circuits we have learned about are based on these simple circuits.

We only learned about AND gates today. Check out our photos below to see the circuit we made and how AND gates work.

1) Both switches A and B are OFF. Therefore, the light is OFF.

Switch A = Off, Switch B = off, Light = off

2) Swicth A is ON (1) and Switch B is OFF (0). Therefore, the light is OFF (0).

3) Swicth A is OFF (0) and Switch B is ON (1). Therefore, the light is OFF (0).

4) Swicth A is ON(1) and Switch B is ON (1). Therefore, the light is ON (1).

Here is an AND GATE table:

Switch A Switch B Light
Off (0) Off (0) Off (0)
On (1) Off (0) Off (0)
Off (0) On (1) Off (0)
On (1) On (1) On (1)

More useful information on Logic gates can be found at

BBC Logic Gates

Surrey Education Logic Gates

If you want to learn more about the English man who invented Boolean Logic then check out George Boole on Wikipedia. George Boole was a the first Professor of Mathematics in UCC in Cork in 1849!