Butterflies in St. Clare’s PS

One day in May, Mr. Harte ordered some caterpillars for our Butterfly Garden. It took one week to get the caterpillars to St.Clare’s PS. We transferred our caterpillars into little vial. We put a piece of blue tissue on top of the vial and then put the lid on. After a few days the caterpillars went to the top of the veils and began to swing them selves into their pupa, during this process the caterpillars lost their heads. When the caterpillars were in their pupas we put them on a ridged piece of paper and placed them carefully on to the ridged piece of paper and put it into their habitat cage . It took the caterpillars eight to thirteen days to transform into Butterflies. The first day one butterfly hatched from its pupa .The following day six other Butterflies hatched.

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