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The Goldfish by Alexander Pushkin

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Fourth class have been invited to take part in a Children’s Art Competition as a part of the Festival of Russian Culture (11th – 18th February 2018). The competition is based on The Goldfish, a story by the famous Russian writer Alexander Pushkin.

The story helped to inspire the students in fourth class to design and create their artwork.

You can read the story here – THE GOLDFISH for Children competition


Freddy Buttons Winning Bookmark!

Olga Nasonova Honey

To celebrate the launch of the new Freddy Buttons series of books from Irish author Fiona Dillon, Glenisk are invited primary school children the country over to design a bookmark for Freddy Buttons!

Olga in sixth class won the overall prize in her age group. Congratulations to Olga and St. Clare’s on this great accomplishment. Olga won a personal prize and also a day out for the whole of her class to visit Bloom on the 28th of May.

Freddy Buttons is a fictional character who lives in Tumbledown Cottage with his parents. In their garden at Tumbledown, they grow lots of food. Freddy features in a new series of six books, each with a different food theme.

The winners are announced on the Glenisk Website.

Check out the Bloom Website.

Robots in Room 12

Last week in Room 12 we learned a robot song, read a robot story and in art we made robot collages. The song we learned was as Gaeilge and it was called Is Robait Sinn go Leir. The story was about a robot called Metalmiss, who is a teacher and was very mean to the dreaded school inspector when he came to her class. When we made our robot collages we used paper and lots of other materials such as fabric, feathers, buttons, cotton wool, paper doilies, crepe paper, pipe cleaners, raffia, coloured card and ribbon. We reused old scraps of paper and old materials, because every time we do art we save any scraps or leftovers for future projects. We had lots of fun making our robots and we have pictures of our robots for you to admire.

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Listening and Responding

Today Room 10 presented our “Listening and Responding” for the rest of the school. We listened to “The Little Train of Caipira” by Heitor Villa-Lobos. Villa-Lobos was a Brazilian composer born in 1887. We listened very carefully to the piece of music and tried to work out what message the composer was trying to convey. Here are some of the images we created before we knew the title of the piece. We have everything included- dragons, castles, battle scenes etc.

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Royal March of the Lion

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In our class we listened to Royal March of the Lion from a suite called Carnival of the Animals. A suite of music is a collection of short musical pieces. This suite was composed by a French composer named Camille Saint-Saens.
Camille Saint-Saens was born in Paris, France in 1835. His great-aunt Charlotte introduced him to the piano and he began piano lessons when he was 2 years old!
We really enjoyed listening to Royal March of the Lion. The main instruments we could hear in the music were pianos, violins, cellos and the double bass. The beginning of the music is the introduction. It is letting the other animals know the lion is arriving. The tempo changes throughout the piece. If you listen carefully you will hear the lion roaring. The roar is represented by the pianos moving up and down the scale really fast.