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Active HOME Week 2020

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European Week of Sport 2018 #TugofWar

What a fantastic week we have had here in St Clare’s! We have been busy this week taking part in different activities for European Week of Sport. To finish off the week today, 6th class took on the teachers in tug of war. The teachers definitely need to work on their strength as 6th class beat them 2-1. Congratulations 6th class!

Well done everyone for participating so well in a superb week of sport!

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‘Climb the Heights’ Skipping Challenge


Today was Team Work Thursday! We participated in the ‘Climb the Heights’ Skipping Challenge. We set a target that the whole school worked together on throughout the day to achieve.  We counted how many skips each pupil completed and then we had a look to see how many of Europe’s mountains our school climbed. We managed to climb most of Europe’s mountains even Monte Bianco in Italy (4,810m) and Mont Blanc (4,810m) !! Below are some of the results.

‘Climb the Heights’ Skipping Challenge

Class Total number of skips
Junior Infants

Rm 1

Junior Infants

Rm 2

Senior Infants 189
1st Class  
2nd Class – Rm 9 10,961
2nd Class – Rm 10 9,886
3rd Class – Rm 11 12,500
3rd Class – Rm 12  
4th Class – Rm 6 13,927
4th Class – Rm 8 17,560
5th Class – Rm 7 2,832
6th Class – Rm 5 8,637



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European Week of Sport is in full swing! Today each class had a 30 minute activity slot to try out an activity. Second class played uni-hoc and fourth class played tag rugby. Check out the photos!