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Supporting the Dub’s, Helping the Refugees.

6th class have been very busy in the past fortnight . After discussing the  Refugee Crisis they all felt that they should do something to help. At the same time Dublin  reached the All Ireland Football Final and as part of art the class were learning how to make  headbands,  wrist bands and mini Pom Poms in the Dublin colours.

The plan that they then hatched was to turn the art work into a business and that all money raised would go to charity. And so production went into full swing with the children plaiting multiple headbands and wrist bands for  to be sold to the senior classes. (3rd to 6th)

A set of 4 flags was also donated to the cause by an uncle of one of the students and these were raffled at the end  of the week.

Here are some pictures of our class hard at work

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In total we raised a whopping 289 euro which we are delighted with. This money will be donated to two charities Oxfam Ireland who work with refugees in camps in Italy and Greece and GOAL who work in Syria with the people left behind.

6th class would like to  thank  the boys and girls in 3rd, 4th and 5th class who supported their efforts and brought in money to buy our wares.

The Science of Flight

Investigation 1

What did we investigate?

We wanted to find out which would fall to the ground first, a square piece of paper or a ball of paper?

What predictions did we make?

Because both the pieces of paper were the same size before we rolled one up we thought they might fall hit the ground at the same time.

What did we do?

Science exp.1 003

What did we discover?

We found out that on every attempt the ball of paper hit the floor first.

Why was this?

We felt that the air was stopping the flat sheet from falling and slowed it down.

Further investigations?

What is Air?

How does it stop the flat page?

What is Air?

Air is an invisible gas made up of 78% nitrogen 21% oxygen and 1% of lots of different gases. Air is everywhere on Earth. The further up you go the less air there is.

 What is a gas?

A gas is a state of matter. In a gas the atoms aren’t tightly pressed together. Gases are all around the atmosphere. Vapor and gas mean the same thing but the word vapor is used to describe gases that are usually at room temperatures.

Investigation 2 What is Air

What is Air?

(States of matter)

What are we investigating?

  1. If Air is a gas what is a gas and what are the other states of matter?
  2. What is the difference between them?
  3. How can we demonstrate the three most common states of matter?
  4. How can we change the states of matter?

What did we do?

  1. We looked at the how the atoms are different in a liquid solid and gas.
  2. We looked at ice water and steam as an example of solid liquid and gas.
  3. We tried to turn change the state of the water from solid to liquid to gas and back to solid again.

What did we find out?

  1. The atoms is in a solid are closely packed together.
  2. The atoms in a liquid are not as close together and move freely
  • The atoms in a gas are really loose and fly about easily.
  1. If we heat ice (solid) it turns to water (liquid) and if we keep heating it turns to steam (gas) and if we then catch and condense the water and put it in the freezer we can turn it back to ic ice

RDS Primary Science Fair 2015 – Saturday the 11th of January

On Saturday the 11th of January we had the pleasure of participating in the RDS Primary Science Fair. The RDS Primary Science Fair is a national science exhibition. All 32 counties on the island of Ireland are given the opportunity to present at the fair and in October are asked to submit an application of interest for the event.  Out of approximately 3300 primary schools only 120 schools were selected to present at this years event. This is approximately 3.6% of the primary schools in Ireland.   We felt honoured and privileged to be given the opportunity to present our science investigation at the 2015 RDS Primary Science Fair.

Our Project was entitled: “Why don’t planes fall from the sky”

Check out details of our project in here:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Below is  some of the comments we blogged live during the event:

“Today we are at the RDS primary science fair. We were walking around and we have chosen a few projects that we have liked .we have received some great comments from people who have come to see what we have been doing such as parents , judges and guests.”


Our Remembrance Service

On Tuesday the 17th of December the annual Service of Rememberance was held in the hall. This is a time when we remember all of the members of our school community that have passed away during tear.  Fr. Jerry attended the service and noted what a lovely service it was. The service was also attended by parents and other relations.

Art Exhibition in the Black Apple Cafe.

In order to celebrate the end of their time in St. Clare’s, our 6th Class pupils will exhibit some of the wonderful pieces of art which they created over the past year.

The pupils are very excited about their artwork being displayed in the Black Apple Cafe, Harold’s Cross. The owner of the newly opened cafe is more than happy to host the exhibition and is most impressed with the work which the pupils have chosen to exhibit.

The art exhibition will be open to the public from Friday 15th of June and will close on Monday 25th of June, in time for the 6th Class Graduation Mass.

For anyone who might be interested in purchasing any of the paintings* they will be on sale at a price of €5 each. All proceeds will go towards raising money for the school.

*Please note that all sold paintings will stay on display until Monday 25th. Parents of 6th Class pupils may pay for and collect their pictures after the Graduation Mass. All other paintings may be paid for and collected at the school on Tuesday 16th June.

This is definitely an event not to be missed!