Seesaw Expectations British School of Beijing, Shunyi

Seesaw is a digital portfolio tool which allows pupils to store their work in an online space and gain feedback from their teacher. It can be used on a computer (PC) or tablet. It effectively enables teachers to set tasks or assignments and include instructions or templates for students to use at home.

In the event of having to return to distance learning all classes will use the Seesaw platform.

You will find information about Seesaw here

How Do Students Use Their Home Learning Code?
1. Go to on a computer. Or install the Seesaw ClassiOS or Android app.
2. Tap “I’m a Student”.
3. Scan or type in your Home Learning code.
4. Post to your journal, respond to activities, and view class announcements.
5. Remember, this code is like a password. Keep it safe!

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