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Today in St Clare’s we had a very special guest visit our school to raise our Active School Flag. Eoin Reddan plays for the Leinster Rugby Team and the Irish Rugby Team. We asked him loads of questions before he raised our flag. It was a great day!

Rabo Direct Pro12 Trophy

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Billy from Leinster Rugby brought in the Rabo Pro12 Trophy for everyone to see. We were the first school in Dublin to see the trophy up close! Here are a few pictures of us holding the trophy.

Handwashing training in Room 9

On Wednesday a nurse from the Hospice called Libby came to visit our class. She read a story to us about a girl called Janey. We all had to say “Janey, wash your hands!” when she got her hands dirty or sticky, after she was playing in the garden, after she went to the toilet, when she petted her pet poodle and before she ate something. Libby taught us how to wash our hands properly and she gave us fake germs to put on our hands. Then she showed us a glow box. We all put our hands, one by one, in the glow box and saw white lights on our hands, which were the fake germs. When everyone had put their hands in the glow box, we went out to wash our hands to see if we could wash off the fake germs. After that we put our hands back in the glow box to see if we had washed off all of the germs. Libby showed us the places on our hands where we get most germs on a big poster, so that we know the important parts of our hands to wash. Before she left, Libby gave us each a little cartoon germ to remind us to wash our hands and a certificate to say that we have successfully completed our handwashing training.

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St Clare’s Awarded Active School Flag

We have fantastic news to report! Today Karen Cotter from Active School paid a visit to check out the work we are doing for the Active School Flag. She was extremely impressed with all the activity and hard work that the children are doing in St Clare’s. Karen awarded us with the Active School Flag this afternoon! It was a great team effort.Congratulations to all the staff, students, parents and coaches from Kevin’s Hurling Club on all the hard work in achieving our Active School Flag. Well done everyone!!

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Dr. Donal O’ Shea visits St. Clare’s PS

Professor Donal O’ Shea is a consultant endocrinologist and physician based in St. Vincent’s University Hospital and St. Columcilles Hospital. He is the principle investigator in a research group that currently focuses on the study of the health consequences of obesity.  He was very impressed that the school had received the Active School Award recently, but stressed that we also need to look at what we eat every day. It is very important that we eat fruit and vegetables every day as well as all of the activity. As well as talking to the pupils Dr. O’ Shea spoke to the Parents Association during the evening.

Following his talk sixth class started to investigate what ingredients go into our every day foods and see how much salt, sugar and fibre we get from our food. So sixth class gathered old food packets from home and have started to record the percentages of sugar, salt and fibre in the foods.

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Here is a table of some of the foods that we brought in.

Different Types of Porridge (all data is per 100g)

Brand Salt % Sugar % Fibre %
Flahavan’s 0.011 0.4 1%
Jumbo Oats 0 0.6 14%
Kavanaghs 2 1 14
Porridge Oats (Own Brand) 5 14 21


Different Types of Bread (per slice)

Brand Salt % Sugar % Fibre %
Brennan’s Wholemeal 7 1 13
Johnstons Wholemeal 7 0.1 8


Milk per 100ml

Brand Salt % Sugar % Calcium %
Low Fat 3 11 13
Full Fat 0.01 5.5 15





Visitors from other European countries

Today we had a number of visitors from different European countries. They were teachers counties that included Italy, Wales, Germany and Austria. They visited all of the classroom and talked to the children about their Global Citizenship projects. To end their visit there was a special school assembly. The visitors were very impressed with the skipping skills of the children, the school choir and the excellent animation film of the Life Cycle of a Plastic bottle which was created by the green schools committee.

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Table Tennis

On Tuesday the 26th of November Igor, from Table Tennis Ireland came into the school to teach us how to play table tennis.  He is from Hungary. He setup two tables for us to play on. He had a lot of paddles for us to practice with. My class had to go down to the hall in two groups for forty five minutes each. I went to the hall with the first group. We sat on the edge of the stage while we were handed some paddles. Then we all lined up behind one of the tables and we played a game where there was a machine shooting the table tennis balls to you and we had to try to hit them into the net.  It was great fun.

While some people stayed at that table others went to the next table where there was no machine and you had to hit the table tennis ball to each other which was more difficult than when the machine was passing it to you.  It was all really fun and I look forward to playing again next week!

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