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Skip-Hop Awards 2014

On Wednesday and Thursday the 17th and 18th of December we are holding our Christmas Skipping Challenge 2014.  Pupils from all classes will attempt to receive the prestigious skipping awards that require high levels of skill and fitness. You can check out the requirements for each award by clicking on the links below.

BronzeAward  – Second class to  Sixth Class

SilverAward – Third class to  Sixth class

JuniorAndSuperSkipStar – Junior Infants – Second Class



Here at St. Clare’s we learn to skip in junior infants up until sixth class. There are three different types of awards they are called Bronze , Sliver and Gold.There are 29 children who have the bronze award only 1 person  who ever got the sliver award so it is a big  achievement.

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There are all different skills to master for all different levels and ages. Some of the harder skills to do are double under, the bow, double dutch and cross cross. A lot of the older children try to teach the younger children some new skills. Every second year a person from hop-skip-jump comes and teaches the children some new skills. At the end of the lesson they pick some children to demonstrate the new skills they have learned.Every year we have a skipping challenge so some of the children can try and get the bronze, sliver or gold. The junior infants have the Junior award and the Senior award. The teachers that organise the skipping challenge are Mr. Harte, Ms O’Donnell and Ms. Dhomhnaill. They put a lot of time and effort into organising the challenges as part of our active schools. We are going to have another skipping challenge to see who can can achieve the Bronze, Sliver or Gold.


Day 2 of Active School Week

Active School Week is skipping along nicely with our skipping challenge today! Lots of children received the Junior Skip Star, Super Skip Star and Bronze awards. Some even managed to receive the Silver award!! Well done everybody.

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Christmas 2013 Awards

Today we had our Christmas awards. Pupils from junior infants up to and including sixth class were awarded certificates for their fantastic poetry. Mr. Harte also handed out awards for the junior skip star and bronze star awards. There are now 13 pupils in our school with the Bronze Award for skipping. Well done to everyone.

We would like to wish everyone a Happy and Peaceful Christmas and Happy New Year.

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