Active School Week Day 5 :Skipping Challenge

Today was a very important day in the  school callendar. All that skipping on the yard , practicing with friends  and at home by ourselves  was measured in this mornings Skipping Challenge: Bronze Award.

Before the day got going however we had another Sports Star Demo. from one of the best U13 kickboxers in the country and St. Clare’s student, Jade.  After telling everyone where she trains , how long she trains for and how much she enjoys her sport She showed everyone some simple punching and more complicated high kicks!!!

Skipping Challenge Bronze Award

Children from 2nd to 5th were assessed by  skipping experts ( and  skipping tutors) Hulya  Dianne (6th) as well as  Charlie (4th).  Mr Harte kept the records and was the referee of last resort. The standard was extremely high and  lots of boys and girls narrowly missed out  on completing all the tasks required.

The following attained the  Bronxe Skipping  Award

3rd class: Trofim

4th class: Charlie, Amy

5th class:  Daniel and Alex.

Because we ran out of time the  Junior Skipstar and the reamaining Bronze and Silver assessments will be carried on Monday,

Here are some photos from our skipping challenge and of our Sports Star Demo