The Vikings

We have been learning all about the Vikings in 3rd class over the past few weeks and are starting to work on our class projects this week. Our classes have been split up into groups and will be researching different aspects of Viking life. For some extra information at home you can look at the below link where there are lots of links to other interesting sites about the Vikings.

Signs of Spring

We’ve been out and about looking for signs of spring. Despite the cold weather we managed to spot daffodils and snowdrops in bloom and buds on the trees. We also saw a squirrel scampering across our school grounds. We learned that squirrels don’t actually hibernate but they are less active in winter, spending more time sleeping and keeping out of the cold as there is very little food for them to gather. We hope to see more and more squirrels out looking for food in the coming weeks.

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Volcano Experiment

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We have been learning about the effects of heat. A few weeks ago we made play-dough in our school kitchen. Last week Tristan used play dough to make a model volcano. Ms. McGinley has been teaching 4th Class all about … Continue reading

Thomas Edison by 2nd class

We have been learning all about Thomas Edison in second class.
Thomas Edison was a famous inventor. He was born in America in 1847. Thomas went to school for a short time and then was home schooled by his mum. He did his inventions in the basement of his house. Thomas invented the light bulb, power plants, cine camera and the phonograph. He had very poor hearing. During his lifetime he created 3,000 inventions! Thomas Edison’s nickname was the Wizard.

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