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Incredible Edibles – Senior Infants

This week we worked together to plant all of our seeds from Incredible Edibles! We now have such a variety of lovely fruits and vegetables growing in our garden. We sowed strawberries, potatoes, chives, lettuce, spinach and turnips. We will be busy caring for them over the coming weeks and can’t wait to watch them grow!

Planting in First Class

We planted lettuces, radishes and beetroots before the Easter break. When we came back after Easter the vegetables had begun to sprout. We had to thin out the sprouts so that the vegetables would have enough space to grow. We are looking forward to watching our vegetables grow!

We planted them in our raised bed in an area of 1 square metre. We planted 5 straight vertical lines.



In First Class we’ve been learning about what plants need to grow. We devised an experiment to see what would happen if we took away one of the elements necessary for a plant to grow. We used cress seeds for our experiment.

We planted four pots of cress seeds:

Number 1: water and sunlight.

Number 2:  water, no sunlight.

Number 3: sunlight, no water.

Number 4: water and partial sunlight.

These were the results:

Number 1: Grew well with tall green shoots.

Number 2: Grew tall but the leaves were yellow.

Number 3: Did not grow at all.

Number 4: Grew at angle towards the sun.

We are going to see if the yellow leaves turn green if we leave it in the sun for a few days. We’ll keep you updated!

Incredible Edibles

Sixth   class  have  been   planting   carrots , lettuces  and   radishes   in   the   school  courtyard . We  are  also  planting  tomatoes  and  potatoes   in

the  classroom . We  have  been  out  to   the  courtyard  on  numerous  occasions   to  weed , water  and  tend  to  our  plants . We  have

been  eating  the  lettuces   and  the  radishes   that  we   have  picked   from  the   planting   beds  to  help the  other  plants

grow  better  . The  vegetables  that  we  are  planting  are  all  organic.

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Dr. Donal O’ Shea visits St. Clare’s PS

Professor Donal O’ Shea is a consultant endocrinologist and physician based in St. Vincent’s University Hospital and St. Columcilles Hospital. He is the principle investigator in a research group that currently focuses on the study of the health consequences of obesity.  He was very impressed that the school had received the Active School Award recently, but stressed that we also need to look at what we eat every day. It is very important that we eat fruit and vegetables every day as well as all of the activity. As well as talking to the pupils Dr. O’ Shea spoke to the Parents Association during the evening.

Following his talk sixth class started to investigate what ingredients go into our every day foods and see how much salt, sugar and fibre we get from our food. So sixth class gathered old food packets from home and have started to record the percentages of sugar, salt and fibre in the foods.

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Here is a table of some of the foods that we brought in.

Different Types of Porridge (all data is per 100g)

Brand Salt % Sugar % Fibre %
Flahavan’s 0.011 0.4 1%
Jumbo Oats 0 0.6 14%
Kavanaghs 2 1 14
Porridge Oats (Own Brand) 5 14 21


Different Types of Bread (per slice)

Brand Salt % Sugar % Fibre %
Brennan’s Wholemeal 7 1 13
Johnstons Wholemeal 7 0.1 8


Milk per 100ml

Brand Salt % Sugar % Calcium %
Low Fat 3 11 13
Full Fat 0.01 5.5 15





Planting Lettuce Seeds in First Class

Today in Room 10, we planted a packet of lettuce seeds. We took lots of pictures of what we did!

First, we dug two trenches in the soil.

Next, we each took a pinch of the seeds and we sprinkled them along the trenches.

Then, we carefully covered them over with the soil again.

We think it will take about three weeks for the seeds to grow into heads of lettuce.

We are going to watch them carefully for signs of growth.

We had lots of fun!