Magnets – ASD Class

For this year’s Science Exhibition we combined sensory play, maths and science into one fun activity! We each took turns to find hidden objects in a tray filled with pasta and tested them to see if they were magnetic or non-magnetic. We sorted the objects into two sets and recorded our results on a data chart. We all had great fun using the horseshoe magnet and investigating what is attracted to it. Lorchán did a fantastic job presenting our work to parents in the hall.



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Fourth Class Friction

We had great fun in fourth class today investigating friction. We tested a variety of different surfaces to see which had the most friction. We rolled a toy car down a slope and and then measured the distance it travelled … Continue reading

Chemical Energy and Capacity

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We had great fun creating lava lamps in 2nd class. Now we know that chemical energy is energy released during a chemical reaction. We found out that oil and water do not mix. Water is heavier than oil. For our … Continue reading

my sound project

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264456d33a266db3ae01028209d4f2db09bf8b86 SOUND VIBRATIONS CAN TRAVEL THROUGH

  • solid metal, wood and concrete
  • sound can vibrate through water and liquids

sound can travel by instruments by a low and high pitch

did you hear something? maybe

the sound you heard was as quiet as

your cat licking her paws.Or maybe

it was loud, like a siren going by.

sounds are everywhere ,and you

have two cool parts on your body

that let you hear them all:

your ears!

your ears are in  charge of collecting sounds,

processing them, and sending sound signals to

your brain.And thats not all- your ears also help

you to keep balance. So if you bend over to pick

up your cat, you won’t fall down -or even worse-

fall on your cat. MEOW !

sounds are made when a objects vibrate.

the vibrations makes the air around

vibrate, and the air vibrations enter

your ear .you hear them…

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Electricity – circuits, static electricity & powering a clock with potato!

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In fourth class we have been learning about electricity. We have been making circuits and static electricity. Electricity is a flow of tiny particles called electrons which can travel through wires. This flow is often called an electric current. An … Continue reading