Science Week

Yesterday we had our first Science exhibition of the year. We had great fun showing all of our visitors our project on ‘Electricity’. Our question was ‘How do we get the light at the top of a lighthouse to shine?’. We figured we needed to make a closed circuit. We loved explaining about the various circuits we made, such as series and parallel.  We already can’t wait for the next Exhibition! Take a look at some of the pictures below.

By: Jack and Bailey

3rd Class Room 10

Magnets – ASD Class

For this year’s Science Exhibition we combined sensory play, maths and science into one fun activity! We each took turns to find hidden objects in a tray filled with pasta and tested them to see if they were magnetic or non-magnetic. We sorted the objects into two sets and recorded our results on a data chart. We all had great fun using the horseshoe magnet and investigating what is attracted to it. Lorchán did a fantastic job presenting our work to parents in the hall.



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Electricity – circuits, static electricity & powering a clock with potato!

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In fourth class we have been learning about electricity. We have been making circuits and static electricity. Electricity is a flow of tiny particles called electrons which can travel through wires. This flow is often called an electric current. An … Continue reading

Electric Current Fourth Class

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As the science exhibtion is upon us it is time to share some of the things that fourth class have been learning about. We have being looking at electric current and how it works and what circuits are? We used … Continue reading

Parallel Circuits & Series Circuits

Mr Kelly’s fourth class have been learning all about parallel circuits and series circuits. Check out some of the pictures here: #

Magnets – Science Week 2013


  • Magnets have two poles north and south.
  • Magnets are only attracted to certain types of metal like nickel, cobalt and iron.
  • Opposite poles like north and south are attracted to each other
  • Like poles –  south and south repel each other.

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In 2nd class we carried out investigations using magnets during science week.

Our Experiment

Investigating magnets.


  1. First we made our predictions. We guessed which materials would be attracted to the magnets and which would not.
  2. In pairs we tested the materials with the magnets.

Scott’s results

I found out that on the magnet there will be a north and south pole. I found out the metals that magnets are attracted to are iron, nickle and cobalt. I also found out that the magnet is attracted to coins, staples and paper clips. The tinfoil did not stick to the magnet but I think that was because my magnet was not strong enough.

Sophie’s results

I found out that some magnets aren’t as strong as other magnets. The magnet that I had the coin was not attracted to it. Staples and paper clips were attracted to the magnet.