Heart Rate (bpm)

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Today in second class we all monitored our heart rate with the heart rate monitor. Our hearts are pumping at a regular rate. This pumping can be felt by placing fingers across the pulse point at the wrist or the … Continue reading

This week in 5th Class, we have been investigating materials and their properties.

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Experiment 1: Does it Conduct or Insulate? Equipment: 2 Crocodile clips, 1 bulb, 1 bulb holder, 2 batteries, a battery holder, a match stick, a metal spoon, a pair scissors, a piece of tinfoil, a plastic spoon, a piece of … Continue reading

Planting in First Class

We planted lettuces, radishes and beetroots before the Easter break. When we came back after Easter the vegetables had begun to sprout. We had to thin out the sprouts so that the vegetables would have enough space to grow. We are looking forward to watching our vegetables grow!

We planted them in our raised bed in an area of 1 square metre. We planted 5 straight vertical lines.



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In First Class we’ve been learning about what plants need to grow. We devised an experiment to see what would happen if we took away one of the elements necessary for a plant to grow. We used cress seeds for … Continue reading