St. Brigid’s Crosses

Last week we made St. Brigid’s crosses in Mr. Lynch’s class. The St. Brigid’s cross is a small cross woven from rushes. It was first made by St. Brigid using rushes that she gathered when she was tending to a dying chieftain in the 5th century. She used the rushes to weave a cross while she comforted the chieftain.

It was tricky to make them but it was great fun!


Aware Charity visits St.Clares

On Monday the 2nd of May the head of business and fundraising from Aware, Amo Sayed, came to visit and talk about the charity that we donated some of our confirmation money to, Aware. Aware is a charity that helps people who are depressed. He explained how they raise money. Some of the ways they raise money include getting paid to lie in a bath full of beans, organising sponsored 5K runs, fancy dress parties or wearing funny hats in work. At the end he took out a huge cheque on which we wrote how much we donated and took a picture with it. It was very interesting learning about how Aware runs and how they raise money.Image

Grandparents Day

Wednesday 30th of January was Grandparents Day. In our school we had a special visitor, her name was Mrs.O Shea. She is a grandparent. She talked about her childhood days, how she made her first Christmas tree and how there was no television or video games when she was young. She told us that her family were lucky to have a radio and that all her family used to sit around and listen to it. She told us about her disabled friend and that we should thank God for what we have.

Grandparents Day