Mission V in the RDS

Sixth class went to the RDS primary science fair and displayed  our coke investigation and Mission V. We built a virtual RDS  on mission v . We made a prediction room to display our graphs. We also made an investigation room where we took pictures of the objects and put them on the wall. In the next room we  have our  results.on different coloured tables. In our conclusions room we recorded which soft drink was the best cleaner.In our further investigation room we have made life like replicas of how we plan to improve our investigation in the future.At the RDS many people were impressed by our work on mission v and our coke investigation. We won a beautiful trophy and the judge was very impressed by our hard work. We visited many stands at the RDS and were amazed by some of the projects from all over the country. It was a great experience and we would definitely go again.

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Sixth Class Primary Science Fair

On  the  11  of  January  2014  we went  to  the  RDS  Primary Science Fair.It  was  an  honour  to  be  invited  to  exhibit  our  science  project  at  this prestigious  venue. Only three percent of the primary school in Ireland were selected to exhibit their projects at  the  RDS . At  the  end  of  the  day  the adjudicators  gave  us  a  plaque  and  a  certificate. The  adjudicators wrote  on the  certificate  that we were a well  mannered  and  knowledgeable class  and  that  our  presentation  and  layout were both excellent. They  were also  impressed  by  our  virtual  RDS  that  we  created  on  mission V. It  was  a  great  achievement  for  sixth  class  and  everyone  really  enjoyed  their  day  at  the  RDS   Primary  Science  Fair.

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