Summer Concert

We enjoyed a fantastic Summer Concert last night in St. Clare’s with an eclectic mixture of song, drama and music in front of a packed audience. Second class performed and sang songs from “The Garden” while Sixth class wowed the crowd with their version of the classic Wizard of Oz. Junior Infants sang “Hello Mister Sun” and “Boa Constrictor”, Senior Infants sang “Teddy Bear Rock and Roll” and “Thanks”, First Class sang “Good Morning Sun” and Disney’s “Under the Sea”, Third Class sang “We’ve got the Whole World in our Hands” and Fourth and Fifth classes sang a medley of songs from the National Childrens Choir repertoire. Finally, the choir and orchestra finished off the night with some beautiful music. Well done to all!

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European Week of Sport is in full swing! Today each class had a 30 minute activity slot to try out an activity. Second class played uni-hoc and fourth class played tag rugby. Check out the photos!

Sports Day Medals

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Proud smiles were all around St Clare’s today as the children received medals for Sports Day. Medals were presented for the; Sprint, Sack Race, Beanbag Race, Egg & Spoon Race, 3-Legged Race and the Long Distance Race. Congratulations everyone!

Day 4 – St Clare’s Spring Olympics

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We all had a fantastic, busy and fun filled day. 16 teams participated in the St Clare’s Spring Olympics with each team having members from Junior Infants – 6th class. The teams rotated around the activity stations which were:
Uni Hoc                                                                   Crab Walk
Reaction Sprints                                                    Lightning Feet
Basketball Hoop Challenge                                  Mountain Climbing
Penalty Pandemonium                                       Cups & Saucers
Limbo                                                                   Wimbledon
Build a house challenge                                      Dance room
Hurdles                                                                 Balloon Volleyball                                             Yoga                                                                     Hurling

The day finished off with the annual rounders game of Teachers V 6th class. It was a tight match but the teachers came out on top – 8 points to 6 points. Hard luck 6th class!! We will see you for the rematch in the summer term!

Well done everyone for getting involved and helping to make today a success!


6TH CLASS learning about energy in the Rathmines library

Our class went to the Rathmines library to learn about renewable energy. we made houses out of Lego and put solar panels on top of them. Then we put the houses under a lamp and measured how many volts did it restore over a period of time. We had a lot of fun and learned some interesting facts.


CWU Humanitarian Aid Convoy Reaches it’s Deserving Destination.

After Confirmation last February the 6th class decided to donate some money to charity. After discussing various charities both home and abroad they decided that the work carried out by the  Communication Workers Union Humanitarian Aid Charity was a really worthwhile cause.

With Alex’s grandad Paul O Neil being a driver and central figure in the charity effort, we were excited to hear first hand about how the charity works and how every cent raised goes directly to the people who need it.
This year’s convoy was headed to orphanages and children’s homes in Moldova and Paul told us that one thing these organisations really needed was baby wipes. With the money collected ,Mrs Spring secured a great price in our local cash and carry and we bought lots and lots of baby wipes.
We decorated the boxes with our school crest and in the final week of school, the An Post lorry arrived in the school and we loaded it with all the boxes but not before we posed for pictures with the official photographer from the Communications Workers Union magazine “Connect” .

Although last years class are now settled in and enjoying their new secondary schools and all the experiences that come with it,we hope they get to see the pictures below and the happy faces that their charity and kindness helped to make.

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An Article about is in "Connect" the Communication Workers Union magazine Autumn 2015

An Article about is in “Connect” the Communication Workers Union magazine Autumn 2015

6th Class Visit The GPO and The Book of Kells

Yesterday we travelled by bus to town to visit the G.P.O (General Post Office) and Trinity College to observe The Book of Kells.

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First we got a tour of the G.P.O Museum . We discovered it took from 1814-1818 for the G.PO to be built. Stamps have only been used for the last 200 years. Before that post was delivered to local parishes.

We also viewed The Book of Kells . It was written by hand in Viking times by monks. It was decorated with real gold and natural minerals such as carbon and iron and sapphire sand. It was written in Latin and is a book of the Gospels.