Junior Violin Class

Junior Infants started violin lessons with Ms. Doyle before Christmas. They have enjoyed learning lots of songs and dances to help them to remember the names of all of the different parts of the violin. They have also been practicing how to hold the bow and the violin properly. It has been a lot of fun and the children have been working very hard. We hope you enjoy the pictures!

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Johann Strauss Senior – 2nd class

We listened to a piece of music called Radetsky March by the composer Johann Strauss Senior.

  • Johann Strauss Senior was an Austrian composer who was born in Vienna (the capital of Austria) in 1804.
  • He is famous for all the waltzes he composed.
  • He composed over 150 waltzes as well as marches and other dances.
  • Strauss took lessons in the violin and the viola when he was young.
  • Strauss had a son called Johann Strauss Junior.
  •   His son is famous for composing the well-known piece of music called “The Blue Danube”.
  • Johann Strauss Senior died in 1849 at the age of 45.
  • Johann Strauss Senior’s most famous piece of music is called “The Radetsky March”.

Here are the pictures we created after we listened to Radetsky March!

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Junior Infants Violin Classes

Last week, the Junior Infants classes in rooms one and two started violin lessons with Ms. Doyle. They have enjoyed lots of dancing and singing to help them remember the names of all of the different parts of the violin. They have also been practicing how to hold the bow and the violin properly and today they got their first chance to pick up their violins. It has been a lot of fun and the children have been working very hard. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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National Children’s Choir Concert 2013

On Wednesday May 1st we performed in the national Children’s Choir concert in the National Basketball Arena. It was just the children from 4th and 5th class. From September we had been learning a repertoire of 18 songs in our classes. The songs were in a range of languages – English, Irish, Latin, French and Italian. We had great fun! Each term we had a rehearsal with a few other schools in Terenure. In 4th class our favourite song was ‘The Spiritual Medley’. On the night of the concert we were very nervous, the crowd was huge!! We really enjoyed singing on stage and we will never forget it.

Listening and Responding: Junior Infants Room 1

We listened to a piece of music called ‘Horse and Buggy’.  It was composed by Leroy Anderson. We talked about the music and described what we imagined when we listened to the music. Then we drew pictures.

On Friday we made a presentation during assembly. Everyone listened to ‘Horse and Buggy’ and then we told them about the music and the composer. We displayed our pictures on the Interactive Whiteboard. When we had finished everyone clapped and told us that the presentation was excellent!

Here are the beautiful pictures we created JI Powerp.

Listening & Responding to Music: Junior Infants, Room 2

Last week we listened to two pieces of music – ‘The Teddy Bears’ Picnic‘ and ‘The Aviary‘. We talked about the two songs and told each other what we imagined when we listened to them. We drew pictures for both of the songs.

Today we made a presentation to the other classes and teachers about these pieces or music. This is what we told them:

“We listened to two songs written by Camille Saint-Saens. He was born in France in 1835. He wrote music and he played the organ and the piano.

The first song is called ‘The Teddy Bears’ Picnic’.

The first part of the song is played by the tuba. The pitch is very low. It sounds like a big bear walking in the woods.

The second part of the song is played by the trumpet. The pitch is very high. It sounds like a little bear skipping in the woods.

The beginning of the song sounded scary because the music got louder and louder. I imagined a monster chasing the teddy bears.

I liked the music because it made me feel happy. I imagined three little bears having a picnic.

The second song is called ‘The Aviary’. It is from ‘The Carnival of the Animals’. An aviary is a big area in a zoo where birds are kept.

The flute plays in this song. The pitch of the song is high. I imagined a bird flying in the sky.

I imagined teddy bears looking up at the twinkling stars.

We talked about the two songs after we listened to them.

The pitch of ‘The Teddy Bears’ Picnic’ is high and low. The pitch of ‘The Aviary’ is high.

Thank you for listening to our presentation today. We hope you enjoyed the music.”

Here is a selection of some of the beautiful pictures we drew for our presentation – Listening & Responding.

Listening and Responding

Last week we participated in listening and responding. In our school we do listening and responding to enhance our knowledge of classical music. Last week we wrote our opinions of the piece of music called ‘O’ Neill’s March and ‘O’Donnell’s March. People had varied opinions of this piece of music. My opinion was: I didn’t like this piece because I thought  the tempo of the song was too fast and the way the piece changed so quickly. This iconic tune was written in honour of the two chieftains Hugh ‘O’ Neill and Rory ‘O’ Donnell. The history of Hugh ‘O’ Neill and Rory ‘O’ Donnell is that when the British Empire attacked Ireland the two famous chieftains teamed up and tried to fight the British and drive them out their country. The two chieftains were nearly defeated but at the last minute they called for help from Phillip of Spain, Phillip brought with him The Spanish Armada. The Spanish were finally defeated in Kinsale,Cork and British rule took over most of Ulster and other parts of Ireland.

Summer Concert 2012

On Thursday the 21st of June 2012. We had a summer concert. Every class would sing or do a play chosen by their teacher. The concert started at 7:30 pm and ended at 9:30 pm. This year there was no interval. Every year there is a raffle. The prizes were hampers.Everyone enjoyed the concert so much and they all had very nice comments about the  concert.Junior Infants did Welcome everyone and Boa constrictor. Senior Infants, First class & Second class did the play The Owl and the Pussy Cat. Senior Infants also sang Caterwaul and Who’s gonna’save us now. First class sang My owl has flown away, Really good to see you my dear and Owl- Cat. Second class sang That cat and that bird, Life on the ocean waves, Chorus of disapproval and Little hotel by the sea . Third class sang Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and Chim Chim Cherree. Fourth class My Favourite things and The Haka the also played Scarborough Fair, The Drunken Sailor and Nelly the Elephant on their recorders. Fifth class did The life of Katie Taylor. Sixth class did Extracts from the Wizard of Oz and  the songs We’re off to see the wizard, If I only had a brain and Somewhere over the rainbow. The orchestra did Skip to the Loo and Old Joe Clarke and the choir did Hear the wind and Good-bye. Everyone enjoyed the night!