Peace Day

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Today was world peace day. We united with people around the world by singing together. We as a school added our voices to the global choir for peace “One Day One Choir”.

Summer Concert

We enjoyed a fantastic Summer Concert last night in St. Clare’s with an eclectic mixture of song, drama and music in front of a packed audience. Second class performed and sang songs from “The Garden” while Sixth class wowed the crowd with their version of the classic Wizard of Oz. Junior Infants sang “Hello Mister Sun” and “Boa Constrictor”, Senior Infants sang “Teddy Bear Rock and Roll” and “Thanks”, First Class sang “Good Morning Sun” and Disney’s “Under the Sea”, Third Class sang “We’ve got the Whole World in our Hands” and Fourth and Fifth classes sang a medley of songs from the National Childrens Choir repertoire. Finally, the choir and orchestra finished off the night with some beautiful music. Well done to all!

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Amhrán an Lae: Dé hAoine

Seo é an amhrán deireaneach i gcóir Seachtain na Gaeilge. Amhrán ana cháiliúil do pháistí in Éireann é.Is é “An Gréasaí Bróg” an t-ainm atá ar an amhrán seo agus tá sé á chanadh ag Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh as iarrthar Chíarraí.

This song is familiar to schoolchildren and Irish language-learners around the country. It represents a type of song called a débat grá or ‘love debate.’ In this song there is an argument between a girl and her mother about matters of the heart. She wants to go to the fair in Co. Clare but her mother tells her she is too young.

Tá súil agam go mbainfidh sibh taitneamh as.

Amhrán an Lae: An Déardaoin

Seo é an ceathrú amhrán i gcóir Seachtain na Gaeilge. Is é “Tá dhá ghabhairín buí agam” an t-ainm atá ar an amhrán seo agus tá sé á chanadh ag Nell Ní Chróinín ó Cúil Aodha in iarrthar Chorcaí.

Seo é amhrán simplí do pháistí mar gheall ar cailín le dhá ghabhairín. Tá sí ag iarraidh iad a chrú ach níl aon buicéad aici chun an bainne a bhailiú. Mar sin téann an bainne go léir síos trína hata ar fuaid an bhaile!

Tá súil agam go mbainfidh sibh taitneamh as.

Amhrán an Lae: Dé Céadaoin

Seo é an tríú amhrán i gcóir Seachtain na Gaeilge. Is é “An Seanduine Dóite” an t-ainm atá ar an amhrán seo agus tá sé á chanadh ag Séamus Ó Bheaglaoich ó iarrthar Chíarraí.

Is amhrán é seo mar gheall ar bhean óg atá pósta le seanfhear aosta cantallach. Tá brón uirthi agus mar ní réitíonn sí go maith leis.

Bainigí sult as!

Amhrán an Lae – Dé Máirt

Seo é an dara amhrán i gcóir Seachtain na Gaeilge. Is é “Óró ‘Sé do Bheatha ‘Bhaile” an t-ainm atá ar an amhrán seo agus á sé á chanadh ag Paul Brady.

The name of the song translates as “Oh-ro You’re Welcome Home”. “Óró” is a cheer, while “sé do bheatha ‘bhaile” translates as “you are welcome home.” The song in its original form dates back to the third Jacobite rising in 1745-6. In the early 20th century it received new verses by the nationalist poet Patrick Pearse and was often sung by members of the Irish Volunteers during the Easter Rising. It was also sung as a fast march during the Irish War of Independence.

Bainigí taitneamh as!

Amhrán an Lae – Dé Luain

Fáilte go dtí an chéad amhrán i gcóir Seachtain na Gaeilge. Is é An Poc ar Buile an t-ainm atá ar an amhrán seo. Tá sé á chanadh ag Seán Ó Liatháin as Cúil Aodha i gContae Chorcaí.

“The Mad Puck Goat”. From an original poem by Dónal Ó Mulláin in the early 20th century, the song was made famous in the early 1960s when recorded by Seán Ó Sé to an arrangement by Seán Ó Riada. This is a song about a mad ferocious goat that travels around Cork and Kerry causing havoc and damage where ever he goes. The song is also associated with the town of Killorglin in Co Kerry. Each year in Killorglin, Co. Kerry (in the month of Lunasa) August 10th, a Puck Fair is held. The Puck, a wild mountain goat, with decorated horns, is paraded through the streets with applause, cheering and music. On arrival at the town square he is crowned and then ceremoniously raised on a scaffold platform some twenty five feet high. The Puck resides here for the next three days and nights looking down on his subjects.

Tá súil agam go mbainfidh sibh taitneamh as an amhrán deas seo.

Listening and Responding

In First Class, Room 9, we listened to the piece of music called ‘The Fossils’ by Camille Saints Saens. This piece is part of a suite of music entitled Carnival of the Animals. We really enjoyed listening to it, learning about the composer and identifying the instruments in the piece. Below are the pictures we created in response to the music.

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