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Things are Heating Up in Room 4!

In Room 4, we have been very busy looking at how heat can change things.

We have discovered that when you make a solid hot, it usually turns into a liquid. We observed ice melting into water and we saw how jelly cubes melt into a liquid when you add hot water.

Because there are so many class birthdays in November in our class, we wondered if there was a way for us to melt our jelly cubes quickly. We decided to melt 6 big cubes of jelly and then melt 28 tiny jelly. We monitored our water temperature using a thermometer and we made sure that we used the same amount of water in each bowl. We all made our predictions, then our race began!

Can you guess which cubes melted faster?

Weather and Cloud Cover

by Eoin Kelly

We learned all about the weather in second class. The weather happens in the air outside us. The air outside changes. This will give us cloudy, sunny or rainy weather. Weather reporters use symbols to tell us about the weather. Here are some of them

Cloud Cover
Do you know clouds have a lot to do with our weather?
Different types of clouds bring different types of weather.
White fluffy clouds means we will have fine weather.
Dark black clouds means we may have stormy wet weather. These clouds are holding a lot of water.
A blanket of grey clouds means we will have some light rain.

Science & Maths Exhibition

Final colur 2013 logo with theme

We hosted our annual Science Week exhibition of the pupils work today within the school and it was a great success. All pupils from the pre-school to the sixth class participated in the event and presented some fascinating science & mathematics work.  The pupils in the pre-school had molds from tarantulas and had a real tarantula as well. All the pupils wanted to bring him home, but unfortunately he had to go back to his own house. The pupils from sixth class conducted a number of surveys during the exhibition and then results of these will be posted in the coming days.

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Government Ministers visit St. Clare’s to promote Energy Saving in Schools

We were delighted to host the launch of the new ‘Energy in Education’ initiative in our school on Monday. We were privledged to have the Minister for Education and Skills, Ruairí Quinn and the Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural resources, Pat Rabitte, attending the event. We also had a special visitor from Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), the Green Energy Guzzler. SEAI chose our school to make a promotional video about reducing energy use in schools, it was shown as part of the launch on the day and both Ministers were very impressed with all the energy saving measures we have in place. The video can be viewed on the website or by clicking on the following link

“The Cow”

The friendly cow all red and white,

I love with all my heart.

She gives me cream with all her might

To eat with apple tart.


She wanders lowing here and there,

And yet she cannot stray.

All in the pleasant open air,

The pleasant light of day.


And blown by all the winds that pass

And wet with all the showers.

She walks among the meadow grass

And eats the meadow flowers.

                        Robert Louis Stevenson

Planting Seeds

Here in 1st Class Room 9, we love experimenting and learning about different things in our environment. On Friday 27th April, we planted some cress and basil seeds that one of our classmates brought into school that day. The seeds had come with smoothie cartons and so were held inside small cardboard circles. This cardboard is biodegradable- that means that it will break down, or decompose.

Broad bean seeds: 

We decided to experiment with planting some broad bean seeds to see if they will grow in the same conditions as the cress and basil seeds. We planted these in clear plastic containers so that we can see any changes that happen. We monitored our broad bean seeds and this is what we found: on Friday 27th April we planted the seeds; on Wednesday 2nd May they had started to open; on Thursday 3rd of May the roots had started to come down and now on Friday 4th of May the roots are much longer!

Cress seeds:  We put the cardboard circles (containing the cress/basil seeds) into three separate plastic white cups in between some cotton wool buds. We made sure to keep the cotton wool wet. We checked for growth each day.

This is what we saw on Wednesday 2nd May!

On Friday 4th May, our seeds had started to grow their roots.

On Tuesday 8th May, our seeds had really grown a lot! We can see that the roots have grown all along the bottom of the cups and the shoot is starting to appear too.

16.05 001

By Friday 11th of May, we could see the shoots and roots trying to push out.


16.05 003

We took this picture on Monday 14th of May. We were sop excited to see how much more our seeds have grown and developed. The roots of both seeds are spread around the bottom of the cups and the shoots are big and strong.

16.05 004

As you can see, the shoots of both of the seeds have burst through the surface completely now. They are very tall and strong. The roots are spreading out even further and are pushing through the cotton wool also.

Today is Monday, 21st of May. Our plants have grown a lot over the weekend, they have tall shoots and bright green leaves now. We think they look great!


First Class: Signs of Spring – Greenwave project 2012

This Spring, our class (Room 9) and Ms. Killen’s’ 1st class are doing the Greenwave Signs of Spring project. We have to look out for certain signs: horse chestnut tree buds, swallows back from hotter countries, the primrose flower, the leaf buds on the the ash tree, the hawthorn tree and finally frogspawn in our pond. This is a long list and we have already started our search. On Thursday 24th of February, we went on our first Spring Nature Walk. Below are pictures of some of the things we saw. We had great fun!

The second part of the project that we have to do, is measure the wind speed, the temperature and the amount of rainfall. On Monday 27th of February, we made an anemometer: this is the instrument used to measure how fast the wind is blowing. We had a great time making it and cannot wait to put it to the test! Along

with Ms. Killen’s’ class, we will be taking our results every day/week. Soon we will know all about Spring!