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Mission V

As part of being a digital school St. Clare’s pupils in fourth and sixth class will be  using Mission V again this year. Last sixth class excelled at creating their own virtual world using mission v and presented their science work at the RDS Primary Science Fair. Mission V allows pupils to be creative and to collaborate together at a number of different projects. The pupils love creating new buildings, and everything else that  pops into their imaginations. Stay posted for all of their amazing creations and attend the science week exhibition to be amazed!

Mission V in the RDS

Sixth class went to the RDS primary science fair and displayed  our coke investigation and Mission V. We built a virtual RDS  on mission v . We made a prediction room to display our graphs. We also made an investigation room where we took pictures of the objects and put them on the wall. In the next room we  have our  results.on different coloured tables. In our conclusions room we recorded which soft drink was the best cleaner.In our further investigation room we have made life like replicas of how we plan to improve our investigation in the future.At the RDS many people were impressed by our work on mission v and our coke investigation. We won a beautiful trophy and the judge was very impressed by our hard work. We visited many stands at the RDS and were amazed by some of the projects from all over the country. It was a great experience and we would definitely go again.

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Mission V Sixth class

mission v

Mission V is a virtual world that sixth class have been working on since the start of the school . We have made a lot of different objects around the world. The world is a blank canvas and you can build anything you want to. You have an avatar that you  can customise to your own liking. We got scratch for second life to program our creations to move around. You can upload pictures of anything and put it on your object. There are no limits. You can visit another peoples world to see their creations. We are studying the 1916 Easter Rising and we are building the GPO and Kilmainham Jail. We have built the RDS Godzilla, airplanes, tanks, a hobbit house and a light house.  Here are some pictures of our creations.

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We have really enjoyed working on Mission V and hope to build more creations and more projects on Mission V. It is fun building and flying around Mission V. We learned about different shapes, how to work together at home and at school, learning about maths, building and different shapes. Many of us log on at home on our computers and talk to our class friends  to build different buildings .

Digital Schools of distinction Award 2014

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St. Clare’s PS is proud and honoured to have received The Digital Schools of Distinction Award. This award is a flagship programme to promote and acknowledge best practice use of ICT to deliver the best educational experience for pupils at primary level. Click HERE to check out the Digital Schools of Distinction Award website. Well done to all of the staff, pupils and parents for making this possible.

Digital School of DistinctionNeil O’ Sullivan from the Digital Schools of Distinction was very impressed with the teachers ICT skills in integrating ICT into the learning teaching within the school. He also commented on how the pupils used ICT so confidently within the school. HE reserved special praise for the sixth class pupils who showed him their virtual world on Mission V.