Heart Rate Before and After Exercise

Today in our class we monitored some children’s heart rates before exercise and then we monitored it after exercise. We found out that your heart rate increases after you complete exercise. These are the results Name Before exercise After exercise … Continue reading

Science Exhibition Exit Survey

On Thursday,we had our Science Exhibition,there was 101 guests who filed the form of Q1”Which term best describes you”?There were 35 Primary Students,1 Secondary Student,6 Teachers,52 Parents and 7 Others.



There were 111 guests who filed out the form of Q2”How did you hear about  the event?”7 people saw on the Website,9 people saw it on a Poster,11 people who heard it by Friends or Family,3 people heard by the Radio or Newspaper and 81 people who heard it by the Teachers.




There were 219 guests who filed out the form of Q3”Which of these words best describe the event?”There was 34 people who had  Fun,30 people who were Exciting,103 people who thought it was Informative,39 people who thought it was Interesting and 13 people who thought it was Boring.


There was 103 guest who filled out Q4”Was the Science content in the slow…”2 filled out to hard, 87 filled out just perfect 14 filled out too easy.Most of the people filled out just perfect.image

There were 114 guests who filed out the form of Q5”Would you attend an event like this in the future?”There were 80 people who said Yes,11 people who said No and 23 people who said Maybe.


Maths Trail – 6th Class–Room 6

Yesterday afternoon we got the opportunity to participate in a maths trail around the school grounds. We completed maths work outdoors in the sunshine! We were split up into four groups. Each group needed to have a meter stick, trundle wheel, a watch, pencil and a rubber.

The maths trail was divided into five questions. There were questions involving length, area, 2D shapes, 3D shapes, symmetry, time and bar charts. We were extremely busy.

We all enjoyed being outdoors and at the same time getting the chance to learn.

Here are some pictures of us taking part in the maths trail.

6th Class Room 6 – Myself

6th Class have been working very hard this month. They have carried out three different experiments.

Everyone in the class found out which of their eyes was their dominant eye.
















We also analysed our fingerprints and found out that every single person has a different fingerprint. The lines on a fingerprint never cross. We found out what patterns each of us had.

We found our blind spots too.


We used our mathematical skills to analyse the data/results from our experiments.

Here are graphs for our fingerprinting results.


Here are graphs for our dominant eye results.