Sending Postcards to Germany

Our class sent 22 postcards of the scenes of Dublin and the Irish countryside to a school in Berlin called Quentin Blake Grundschule.The school is in an area of Berlin called  Zehlendorf.We loved writing the postcards. It was gteat fun!      Here is what I wrote on my postcard:

Guten Tag,  Ich heisse Sophie. Ich bin 9 Jahre alt.Ichwohne in Dublin.Ich mag Deutsch.What is your name?Do you have any brothers or sisters? We have an Easter tree in our school.Please wtite back and tell me all about Germany.

This is what Marta wrote on her postcard.

Hallo! Ich heisse Marta.Ich bin 10. Ich wohne in Dublin aber ich komme aus Polen.We are learning a lot about Germany from Frau Redmond.I have a pet dog called Snowy.Do you have any pets?

An example of another postcard

Hallo! Ich heisse Ellen.Ich bin 9 Jahre alt.Ich wohne in Dublin.Wie heisst du?I play the violin.I find it fun.Do you like learning English.I love learning German. Bye.   Auf Wiedersehen!

Fourth class German eggs

We made German easter eggs with Ms. redmond this week. Here is what we did:

1) We got fresh eggs

2) We got a hammer and a nail

3) We made two holes in each egg  using the hammer and the nail.One at the top and one at the bottom.

4) We put our lips our lips on one of the holes and we below out the yoke! It was very funny.

5) We then washed the egg by rinsing out the inside.

6) We then painted it and put clitter on it.

7) Next week we are going to hang them up on the Easter tree.

Check out the photos here:

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German – Easter Table

Every year in our school we put up an Easter Table in the school hall. Our German teacher Frau Redmond brings in all of the beautiful decorations for us and sets up the table with some help from the pupils. Each class gets an Easter tree for their class which they decorate with lovely handmade decorations made by the class themselves. Easter is great fun in our school because we do a lot of arts and crafts about the joyous holiday. In the older classes the pupils blow eggs, paint each egg in whatever design they like and hang the eggs on the Easter tree. We love Easter in our school and this year we are having a raffle to celebrate the special time of year. We are also having an Easter egg hunt for the pupils of the class that bring in the most copper for the copper hunt. Here are some pictures of the Easter table.

St. Clare’s on RTE News 2Day

St. Clare’s German day was the first story on News2Day on tRTE yesterday. Aidan Kelly reported on the government’s plan to cut the teaching of Modern Languages in Irish primary schools from June 2012. A number of the pupils and Mrs. Spring were interviewed in relation to the matter. You can view the News2Day report by clicking HERE.

There is also a chance to comment on the cutting of the modern languages program by emailing news2day. This is a section of their report.

So what do you think? Do you think it should be saved? Would you like to learn a modern language like French, Spanish or German in school? Let us know by clicking on the ‘Your Comments’ button above, or email us:

Choir singing German songs

German day 19th of December 2011

Today was German Day in our school. German day is run by Ms. Redmond every year at Christmas time. Ms. Redmond set up some tables in the hall and put German sweets, cakes and some other traditional German food on them. All of the pupils then get  a plate and get  a chance to taste the food. Trté came to our school today and filmed the event. It will be shown on News2day at 5 o’clock on Rté 2.

The start of St.Clare’s German Webpage.

The 6th class pupils are going to be maintaining a German webpage from now until the end of the year. We will be putting the following items on the page:

  • Events: Schultute day, German Day, Cultural Day
  • Keep people informed of what we are learning
  • Lists of useful websites which will have cool games
  • Pictures of all the pupils work

Here are some very useful websites:

Northumberland Language Resources


Germany is located in central Europe.  The countries bordering Germany are France, Austria, Poland, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. The population of Germany is 82,282,988. The capital of Germany is Berlin. The other major cities are  Dusseldorf, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dortmund, Dusseldorf and Hanover. The currency of Germany is Euro. The Zugspitze mountains are the highest points in the country. The major rivers in Germany are the Danube, the Elbe, The Oder, The Weser,  and the Rhine. The Bavarian Plateau in the southwest are about 488 meters above sea level, but it reaches 2,962 meters in the Zugspitze mountains.

Miss O’Donnell’s 6th Class


We entered a competition recently. We had to create something from recycled milk cartons.

The Lighted Carriage

By Oisín Dwyer

First of all my group stuck the bottom of the carriage to the wheels and then we stuck walls on with sellotape. Next we stuck the roof on and then we bent one milk carton to make it look like a seat. We cut the squirrel the out from the back of the carton and then stuck him on as if he was a coachman and the mad scientist’s head poking out. We tried to make it look like squirrels that were pulling the carriage. It was really fun to make. After that I took it home I had to take off the roof and one of the sides and attached resisters to all four L.E.D’s and sauder the wires all up to the one battery. I used special clips to keep the L.E.D’s in place. I put green L.E.D’s on the front and red on the back.

Here are some pictures of the lighted carriage:

Here are pictures of the other items we made:


We have been learning all about the Beatitudes. These are advice from Jesus on how he wants us to live.

One day, a large crowd gathered on a hill to hear Jesus give a sermon. This sermon is now known as the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus told people about the Nine Beatitudes. The Beatitudes help us to live good and holy lives.

We did some art work:



We do German every week with Ms Redmond. We are learning how to say the different animals in German.



We are learning all about the different tenses in Gaeilge. Past Tense = Aimsir Chaite, Present Tense = Aimsir Láithreach, Future Tense = Aimsir Fháistineach.


Intercultural Day

This year we had our annual Intercultural Day. India, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Mozambique, Philippines, Italy, France, Congo, Georgia, Albania, England, Holland, Moldova and Romania were all represented. Some of the people wore their national costumes. Most of the tables had absolutely delicious food like olives from Spain, Bombay mix from India, tiramisu cake from Italy and much more. The day was a real success and everyone really enjoyed doing it.

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Intercultural Day 2011

St. Clare’s school has pupils from over 16 different countries! These countries include Albania, Italy, Spain, Russia, Poland, India, Germany, The Philippines England, Romania, Georgia, Moldova, Congo and Ireland. Every year the school hosts an Intercultural Day at which the pupils from all the different nations present different facts about their country. Ms. Redmond helps the children in creating all the different displays. Parents also attended the day.

IMG_1054 (Small)

Siobhan Parkinson also attended the event. She is the current Laureate na nÓg. “Laureate na nÓg is a position awarded in Ireland once every two years to a distinguished writer or illustrator of children’s books. It was set up by the Arts Council of Ireland in 2010” (Wikipedia). During the year she also worked with the fifth class in creating their own books! That was an amazing experience for everyone involved and a real privilege.  You should come to the school and read some of the amazing books.

Check out some of the other photos of the day here as well.

You can also listen to one pupil’s report on her stand for the Intercultural Day 2011.

We all had a great day.

German Student Teachers

Over the last four weeks we have had two student teachers from Germany. Their names were Frau Nitschka and Frau Wildenauer. They were helping our German teacher Ms. Redmond to teach 5th and 6th class German. They thought 6th class (room 6) a German rap and 6th class (room 5) a drama in German. We performed this on stage at assembly on the day that they were leaving to return back to Germany. We gave them each an Irish cookbook as a souvenir because they both enjoy cooking.

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