Frohe Ostern!

In German class we learned about ‘Ostern’ in Germany and Austria this week. 3rd to 6th class pupils learned a Easter song and did a quiz about German Easter traditions. Pre-schooler, as well as Junior and Senior Infants learned all about the ‘Osterhase’, ‘Ostereier’ and ‘Osternest’. Frau Clarke and the pupils from German class would like to wish you all ‘Frohe Ostern’!

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Making Lanterns for St Martin’s Day

On November 11th children all over Germany celebrate St Martin’s day. Like the children in Germany, we in German class prepared for the occasion by crafting lanterns. All pupils did a great job in designing their own silhouette lanterns. On Friday in our next German class we will learn a bit more about St Martin, have a fun quiz and present the lanterns.

Alles Gute zum St Martin’s Tag!

Welcome to German with a Schultüte!

On Friday, September 19th, we celebrated the ten boys and girls who started to study German for the first time by giving them a Schultüte. Schultüten ( = “school cones”) are a vital part of school life in Germany and are presented to school children on their first day of school. The idea behind the tradition is to make the start into school life a bit sweeter. At St. Clare’s the advanced German students handcrafted lovely Schultüten during class, which later were filled with little surprises by German teacher Frau Clarke. Well done to everyone! Gut gemacht!

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At St. Clare’s German is taught as an extra-curricular subject on Thursdays (for third and fourth class pupils) and on Fridays (for fifth and sixth class pupils) from 2.30 to 3.45 pm. All students are welcome!

German Christmas Day

Today we had the pleasure of having Ms. Redmond and Ms. O’ Connell visit the school and they didn’t come empty handed! They brought a huge range of German foods that are eaten in Germany over the Christmas time. Ms. Redmond brought in a number of German Christmas decorations as well. We would like to thank them for giving their time so generously to the school and wish them a Happy Christmas.

International Day 2012

Yesterday we had our annual International Day Celebration in the school. There are 17 different nationalities represented within our school and they all had  stand in the hall. Pupils, families and teachers all enjoyed the wonderful displays and the scrumptious food that was available for all to taste. We would like to thank everyone involved for all the effort and time that went in to making the day a great success. Well done to Ms. Redmond and all of the pupils involved.

As well as the parents we had some special guest on the day. These included Ms Tanya Flanagan from Modern Languages in Primary Schools Initiative  [MLPSI], and Mrs. Fahy from the parents association. Both praised the work that has been undertaken by the school since it started teaching German in the school and spoke about the benefits of teaching a foreign language within primary schools. They expressed disappointment that the ending of the MLPSI would result in foreign languages not been taught in primary schools during class time from the 30th of June 2012.

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Easter Egg Hunt

In our school we had a copper hunt  and the class that got most money raised from just 1 cent, 2 cent, and 5 cent coins would go on an Easter Egg Hunt. The classes that won the copper hunt and got to go on an Easter Egg hunt were Room 1 and Room 2. They were joint winners because there was only 1 cent between the classes. Room 1 got 251 euro and 50 cents and Room 2 got 251 euro and 49 cents. Just between those 2 classes they raised 502 euro and 99 cents! Today they went on their Easter Egg Hunt and you can see in the pictures where they found them!

Fourth Class – German Footballer Project

Fourth class created a powerpoint about German Footballers.

We took two very good German footballers and made a powerpoint about them. There names are Bastian Schweinsteiger and Mesut Ozil. Schweinsteiger plays for Bayern Munchen. Mesut Ozil plays for Real Madrid. They both play around the middle of the pitch. They are both very good at passing the ball.

Check out the great powerpoint that they created by clicking on the link      GermanFootballers