Measurements and Length in 1st Class

As a part of our Maths work, we looked at all the different ways in which we could measure the LENGTH and WIDTH of our classroom and different objects in it also. We used ourselves to guess and then measure the length of the classroom; first we estimated how many people it would take, then we lay on the floor and discovered our answer! We also used giant steps and baby steps to measure. We learned that one giant step is about a metre long. We love doing activities like these, they’re great fun! We worked together to estimate and measure the length and width of different objects in the classroom: the whiteboard, the window sill, the table, and much more.

Visit from UCD and Trinity students

On the 11th of October we had a visit from a group of PHD (Doctorate)  students from UCD and Trinity. In fourth class we spilt into four groups and set about the task that the students had for us. Three of the groups did drama on the following themes: (a) The Simpsons (b) Britain’s got Talent. I was part of the Simpsons group. Our drama was based on Homer going back in time and meeting a lot of different friends.  Another group made a movie using Lego and an iPad. The movie was based on ‘A Hotel for Dogs’. It was really cool.