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GLOBE Investigation

By Jack 5th Class

Hi! Did you know that we are damaging our planet because of cars and air pollution? Well keep reading because I will tell you what we can do to help.

5th class at St. Clare’s did a project on Air Pollution. We put test tubes around our school to measure NO2 levels. After one month we sent the test tubes to be analysed in a laboratory in England. 

We found out that the air pollution levels decreased compared to last year’s levels. We think this is because of Covid-19 travel restrictions and less traffic on the road. 

So let’s try and keep these levels low. How can we do this? Here are some ideas:

-Use the car less.

-Try walk, school or scoot.

-Plant flowers and trees.

St. Clare’s will run this test again in 2021. We know that the levels of air pollution will reduce again because clean air is really important to us. 

Together we can all make a big difference. 

GLOBE Project

Our fourth and fifth classes were getting started with some cloud observations in preparation for our GLOBE project this year. GLOBE is a project run in conjunction with the EPA, An Taisce and ESERO, the European Space Agency.

The project monitors aerosols and air quality around the world. Our young scientists were practicing their skills at cloud observation and classification. They will be recording their results  online and sharing them with schools and scientists around the world.  Here you can see them hard at work.


Packaging Free Supermarket

This summer, I went to Berlin in Germany. Since we had learned about plastic and waste in the ocean, I decided to go to the packaging free supermarket – Berlin Unverpackt. It was quite small but you could still have a normal shop.

Cereal, fruit, bread, sweets, rice, pasta and drinks were all available to buy as well as jars for the food, wooden toothbrushes and hair brushes. You could bring along your own jar and fill it up with whatever you wanted. There were lots of bikes parked outside the shop and we saw a lot of people doing their shopping there.

It was really great to see so many people not buying so much packaging in their shop. Here is a photo of me outside the shop and a couple from inside as well.

By Isabel Kelly, 5th Class.


Safe Cross Code

In Room 8, we mastered the “Safe Cross Code”. The Summer is here and we are all playing outside in the evenings. We are also making a huge effort to walk, scoot or cycle to school each day. It is so important to know how to cross the road safely.

Here is our dance video!

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Harold’s Cross Nature Walk

Our fourth classes were delighted to get a chance to go on a nature walk last week in Harold’s Cross Park. We were invited to go on a walk by Dublin City Council and were guided around the park by a biologist called Éanna Ní Lamhna. She showed us some of the different trees in the park and the wildlife and insects that live amongst them. We saw lime trees, copper beeches, lodgepole pines, plum trees, 5 needle pines, holly trees and a handkerchief tree. We also learned some bird calls and heard a wren calling in the trees. It was great fun.


Our World Irish Aid Awards

In Room 8, we have spent the last few weeks working on a project entitled ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ as a part of the ‘Our World Irish Aid Awards’ competition. As a part of our submission we researched climate change and looked at how it was affecting the marine environment. We discovered that human actions need to change. We all need to be kinder to the Earth.We also came up with a number of rules that we could all follow to make our world a better place. We decided to spread our message by recording a video of us singing our version of the song ‘We All Need More Kindness in this World’. We hope you enjoy it!


Easter Bonnet Parade

Well done to all the children for participating in our Easter Bonnet Competition. We had a wonderful display of creativity and effort. There will be two prizes awarded tomorrow to each class, one for best use of recycled materials the other for most creative. The judges won’t sleep tonight trying to decide on the winners as the standard was so high!

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