Which Material Absorbs Best?

Spring showers can only mean one thing for our floors inside our homes…PUDDLES! First class put their thinking caps on today and came up with an experiment that would test which material would clean up puddles best. They made a prediction and then carried out the experiment to establish a result. Each of the children made sure to measure the water and the size of the materials carefully. It is so important that each test is fair so that the result is accurate.

Not only did first class discover whichmaterial absorbed best, they also discovered that playing with water is lots of fun!

GLOBE Project

Our fourth and fifth classes were getting started with some cloud observations in preparation for our GLOBE project this year. GLOBE is a project run in conjunction with the EPA, An Taisce and ESERO, the European Space Agency.

The project monitors aerosols and air quality around the world. Our young scientists were practicing their skills at cloud observation and classification. They will be recording their results  online and sharing them with schools and scientists around the world.  Here you can see them hard at work.


Minister Alan Kelly Visits Our School

Today Minister for the Environment, Alan Kelly, visited our school to launch a logo competition for the Climate Change Advisory Council. Children from third to sixth will be designing logos over the next few weeks. We will be selecting one winning design to send into the competition. RTE news2day filmed some of pupils designing their logos, talking to the minister and also explaining about the effects of climate change. You can view the report by clicking on the link below.


6TH CLASS learning about energy in the Rathmines library

Our class went to the Rathmines library to learn about renewable energy. we made houses out of Lego and put solar panels on top of them. Then we put the houses under a lamp and measured how many volts did it restore over a period of time. We had a lot of fun and learned some interesting facts.