CWU Humanitarian Aid Convoy Reaches it’s Deserving Destination.

After Confirmation last February the 6th class decided to donate some money to charity. After discussing various charities both home and abroad they decided that the work carried out by the  Communication Workers Union Humanitarian Aid Charity was a really worthwhile cause.

With Alex’s grandad Paul O Neil being a driver and central figure in the charity effort, we were excited to hear first hand about how the charity works and how every cent raised goes directly to the people who need it.
This year’s convoy was headed to orphanages and children’s homes in Moldova and Paul told us that one thing these organisations really needed was baby wipes. With the money collected ,Mrs Spring secured a great price in our local cash and carry and we bought lots and lots of baby wipes.
We decorated the boxes with our school crest and in the final week of school, the An Post lorry arrived in the school and we loaded it with all the boxes but not before we posed for pictures with the official photographer from the Communications Workers Union magazine “Connect” .

Although last years class are now settled in and enjoying their new secondary schools and all the experiences that come with it,we hope they get to see the pictures below and the happy faces that their charity and kindness helped to make.

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An Article about is in "Connect" the Communication Workers Union magazine Autumn 2015

An Article about is in “Connect” the Communication Workers Union magazine Autumn 2015

ECO Workshop

Today, Wednesday 15th May, a lady called Natasha came into 1st Class and talked to us all about reducing our waste, reusing different things and recycling as much as we can.

She told us lots of interesting facts about where paper and plastic come from and how they are made. We were amazed to see all of the different bags, clothes and jewellery that had been made out of recycled materials like tents, tyres and sweet wrappers!

We talked a lot about reducing the amount of electricity that we use at home.

6th Class – Donation to the Make A Wish Foundation

On the 9th February 2012 we made our Confirmation. Miss O’Donnell’s and Mr Lynch’s 6th classes decided to donate some of their Confirmation money to charity.

We decided to have a class vote on which charity we were going to donate our money too. After a lot of discussion we chose the “Make A Wish Foundation”.

Make A Wish grants one wish per child with a life threatening illness. The charity was founded in America in 1980 and came to Ireland in 1992. Since then they have granted 1000 wishes  for children in Ireland with life threatening illnesses.

Joanna McVeigh a volunteer from Make A Wish came in to speak to us today and told us what our money was going to be used for. She thanked us greatly for our contribution and was absolutely delighted that we had chosen their charity.

Here are some pictures: