Visit to Leinster House


On Thursday the 23rd of May 4th and 6th class went on a visit to Leinster House. It was a part of our Blue Star Programme. Not only was it for the Blue Star it was also a great experience! We first went to the Dáil Chamber and the Seanad. We saw the Dáil and the Seanad in session. Once the tour of Leinster House was over we took some pictures outside. We had a great time and hope that we can visit some time in the future.     

Minister Creighton visits 4th class


Minister Lucinda Creighton visited our class on the 10th of May. We were really lucky because she came to our classroom and we got to ask her loads of questions about the European Union and her job as a Minister! She told us that she studied Law in college and that it has really helped her with her job. We found out that she does a lot of travelling. Minister Creighton told us she is the only minister that has an office in the same building as An Taoiseach Enda Kenny! It sounds like she has a really cool job! She went on a trip to the Dáil when she was in 6th class and that’s when she knew she wanted to be a Minister. We are going on a trip to the Dáil tomorrow!!

Emer Costello MEP visits St Clare’s – Europe Day Handshake


Today is Europe Day! Emer Costello MEP visited our school today. She was given a tour of our school hall where all the Europe/Intercultural Day celebrations are taking place. Emer tasted loads of food from different countries and she looked really happy! Then Ms Costello came down to the classroom and took part in the Europe Day Handshake with all of us. The idea behind the handshake is to acknowledge the diversity and solidarity amongst class mates who are also all European citizens. We wished each other a "Happy Europe Day" as we all shook hands.

Happy Europe Day!

We are very excited today. We are celebrating Europe Day and Intercultural Day. We are also expecting some very important visitors!! We will let you know later when they arrive! Today all the children will be taking part in a Europe Day Handshake. It is to show the diversity and solidarity amongst class mates who are also European citizens. We will be wishing each other a “Happy Europe Day”. We will keep you updated throughout the day.

Sixth Class visit the European Union Parliament Information Office


On Wednesday the 17th of April, Sixth class visited the European Union Parliament information office.

We first left our school and walked to the bus-stop nearby. When we arrived we continued to walk to the EU Parliament Office, it was a tall red-brick building. When we entered and took our seats in the conference room, we were greeting by Anne McEvoy. She showed us a slide show all about General Information about the European Union. We learned very interesting facts such as, there are 23 languages spoken within the EU, one of them being Irish. The EU also has a total population of over 500 million! Ireland joined the EU during the 1973, 40 years ago.

Ireland has 12 Members of the European Union (MEPs) but later when Croatia joins we will have only 11 Members of the European Union.

She also showed us a video that told us mainly how the EU started, why it started, how it affected Ireland and us, the advantages of being in the EU and other interesting information. The Coal and Steel Community was established after World War 2 so the countries of Europe would never break out in war again. This went on to become the European Economic Community (EEC), the European Community (EC) and the European Union as we now know it today.

After the video we did a Table Quiz on the EU.  The winning team of 4 was ‘Team Ireland’ and they got a USB key each and everyone in our class also got a table mat with a map of Europe highlighting all of the EU countries as well as the elected countries to join in the future.

The trip was a fun and educational trip that our class enjoyed.

Blue Star and Dissolving Boundaries


In 4th class we have linked together two projects that we are completing at the moment! The Blue Star project is all about the European Union. We decided to work collaboratively with Cookstown Primary School our partner school in Co Tyrone on the European Countries. It’s great because we have all completed a project on a different European country for the Blue Star and now we are using our information again for our Dissolving Boundaries project! We are sharing our information with Cookstown and they are also adding to our information. The project is all online and it’s great fun!

European Flags

We had great fun last week during Art in 4th class. Each of us painted the flag of the European country we have been researching. It took some of us a long time to make our flags because we had to draw crests and other emblems but other children just had to use three colours and paint stripes. Our flags look really good! Now all us know what the flags from the 27 countries of the European Union look like!

Famous Europeans

In February we started our Blue Star project. As a part of this project we researched the  famous Europeans that helped to change the European history.  We had to find out all about them, what they did,what their life was like. It was very interesting. We got to know their life story better and how they achieved their goals.Now because of people like Leonardo Da Vinci, Einstein,Vincent Van Gogh and Oscar Wilde we have beautiful pictures in our galleries,important scientific discoveries and creative stories.
We had great fun finding out about these people.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Gay Mitchell MEP visits St Clare’s

On Friday 19th April Gay Mitchell MEP visited our school. We were delighted to welcome Mr Mitchell to our school. Mr Mitchell is an MEP which means is is a Member Of The European Parliament. First of all Mr Mitchell planted a tree with 4th class. It was a Hazel tree. This type of tree comes from Ireland and it was given to the school by Native Woodland Trust.

Secondly Mr Mitchell spoke to the whole school in the hall about the European Union and he told us all about his job as an MEP.

Finally Mr Mitchell let us ask him loads of questions. 4th and 6th class were delighted to get the opportunity to ask him questions as they are in the middle of completing the Blue Star Project which is all about the European Union. He really helped them out by answering all of their questions! It was very exciting having an MEP visit our school and we really enjoyed the afternoon.

Art Exhibition – Blue Star Project

We are a little bit late blogging about the Art Exhibition that was held in our school on the 27th February! The whole school were involved! Each class displayed pictures they had created based on different artists they had learned about in their classes. In 4th and 6th class we are doing the Blue Star Project. We had a European corner at the exhibition. 6th class displayed pictures they had painted which were based on European artists paintings. In 4th class we each displayed a picture that was about a different European country. Our pictures showed the different things each country was associated with or famous for! We also displayed our paintings based on portraits by Picasso. He was a European artist! We invited family, friends and relatives in to see all our great work. It was a fantastic day in school. We got brilliant compliments about our pictures!!

Here are some pictures from the day