Viking Projects & Visit to Dublinia

Third class learned all about the Vikings last term and completed projects about the Vikings in Ireland and life during Viking times. In December, Mr. Lynch’s and Ms. McGinley’s classes both visited the Dublinia Museum in  Dublin. This is a museum all about Medieval and Viking Dublin. It was really interesting. We got the bus to St. Patricks Cathedral and then we walked around Dublin Castle to see where the Vikings first settled in Dublin. We even saw the site of the Dubh Linn or black pool that Dublin was named after. We also saw parts of the old city walls and some of the old streets such as Cook Street and Ship Street that were named after Viking activities. We then walked to Wood Quay and saw where there had once been a Viking settlement. After the visit to the museum we ate lunch in the grounds of Christchurch cathedral and then walked back to school. It was great fun. You can also see in the picture gallery some images of the Viking inspired shields that we created in Art. We hope that you enjoy them.

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Supporting the Dub’s, Helping the Refugees.

6th class have been very busy in the past fortnight . After discussing the  Refugee Crisis they all felt that they should do something to help. At the same time Dublin  reached the All Ireland Football Final and as part of art the class were learning how to make  headbands,  wrist bands and mini Pom Poms in the Dublin colours.

The plan that they then hatched was to turn the art work into a business and that all money raised would go to charity. And so production went into full swing with the children plaiting multiple headbands and wrist bands for  to be sold to the senior classes. (3rd to 6th)

A set of 4 flags was also donated to the cause by an uncle of one of the students and these were raffled at the end  of the week.

Here are some pictures of our class hard at work

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In total we raised a whopping 289 euro which we are delighted with. This money will be donated to two charities Oxfam Ireland who work with refugees in camps in Italy and Greece and GOAL who work in Syria with the people left behind.

6th class would like to  thank  the boys and girls in 3rd, 4th and 5th class who supported their efforts and brought in money to buy our wares.

Henri Matisse

We created some pictures that are like a picture called “The Fall of Icarus” by an artist called Henri Matisse.

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Matisse was born in France. He studied law in Paris and then he got very sick. His mammy bought him a paint box when he was sick. He loved painting. When he got better he went to art classes before work, during his lunch break and after work! He made lots of pictures out of paper cut-outs.

Making Lanterns for St Martin’s Day

On November 11th children all over Germany celebrate St Martin’s day. Like the children in Germany, we in German class prepared for the occasion by crafting lanterns. All pupils did a great job in designing their own silhouette lanterns. On Friday in our next German class we will learn a bit more about St Martin, have a fun quiz and present the lanterns.

Alles Gute zum St Martin’s Tag!

Construction in First Class

We learned a new poem called Bibblibonty. We decided to design and construct what we thought Bibblibonty homes look like. We worked in groups and drew up plans for our homes. Then we collected the recyclable materials that we needed to construct the homes. Finally we constructed our Bibblibonty houses. Check them out below.

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Junior Infants made Ladybirds!

We made ladybirds using clay. First we molded our clay into pots. Then we used tools to design our ladybirds. We painted them red and black!