Joan Miro – Second Class



We have been learning about the Spanish abstract artist Joan Miro and looking at one of his paintings called “The Garden”.
Miro was born on April 20, 1893, in Montroig, Spain, which is near the city of Barcelona. His father was a goldsmith and watchmaker. In 1919, he travelled to Paris, France, which was then the center of the art world. After Miro returned to Spain in 1940, he lived mostly in Majorca. He illustrated over 300 books. Miro lived to be 90 years old, dying on December 25, 1983.
You will be able to see the pictures we painted liked Joan Miro on Wednesday the 19th March at our Art Exhibition!

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Europe Day in First Class

On Thursday 9th of May, we celebrated Europe Day. We each picked a European country to do a project on. Gay Mitchell MEP, gave each of us a handbook about the members of the European Union. We used this to help us with our projects. We displayed our wonderful projects in the hall for Europe Day. There were lots of tables set up with different foods and lists of facts about that country. Each table had its national flag and the name of its country on it. We enjoyed finding out about the different countries and tasting the new foods.


We also took part in a European Handshake. We shook hands with one another in our class and said “Happy Europe Day” to one another. We were celebrating the diversity and solidarity within our classroom.

Emer Costello MEP visits St Clare’s – Europe Day Handshake


Today is Europe Day! Emer Costello MEP visited our school today. She was given a tour of our school hall where all the Europe/Intercultural Day celebrations are taking place. Emer tasted loads of food from different countries and she looked really happy! Then Ms Costello came down to the classroom and took part in the Europe Day Handshake with all of us. The idea behind the handshake is to acknowledge the diversity and solidarity amongst class mates who are also all European citizens. We wished each other a "Happy Europe Day" as we all shook hands.

Happy Europe Day!

We are very excited today. We are celebrating Europe Day and Intercultural Day. We are also expecting some very important visitors!! We will let you know later when they arrive! Today all the children will be taking part in a Europe Day Handshake. It is to show the diversity and solidarity amongst class mates who are also European citizens. We will be wishing each other a “Happy Europe Day”. We will keep you updated throughout the day.

Art Exhibition – Blue Star Project

We are a little bit late blogging about the Art Exhibition that was held in our school on the 27th February! The whole school were involved! Each class displayed pictures they had created based on different artists they had learned about in their classes. In 4th and 6th class we are doing the Blue Star Project. We had a European corner at the exhibition. 6th class displayed pictures they had painted which were based on European artists paintings. In 4th class we each displayed a picture that was about a different European country. Our pictures showed the different things each country was associated with or famous for! We also displayed our paintings based on portraits by Picasso. He was a European artist! We invited family, friends and relatives in to see all our great work. It was a fantastic day in school. We got brilliant compliments about our pictures!!

Here are some pictures from the day

Art Exhibition: Junior Infants Room 1

Art ExhibitionSpring 2013 004

Last week we took part in a school Art Exhibition. We exhibited some of the beautiful pieces of art we created in class. Our parents were invited to school to see our works of art!

We listened to the story ‘The Snowman’ by Raymond Briggs. The story give us the inspiration to create paintings of snowmen.

We have also been learning about the signs of spring so we deicided to look at some of Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings of flowers. Then we painted our own flowers using brightly coloured paints.

Art Exhibition: Junior Infants, Room 2

Art Exhibition & Listenening and Responding 002

Yesterday we exhibited some of our wonderful pieces of art in the hall for all of our parents to see.

We learned about an American artist called Georgia O’Keeffe. Her bright, colourful paintings inspired many female artists to follow their dreams and share their art with the world.

We looked at some of her paintings of flowers, like ‘Red Poppy‘, ‘White Flower on Read Earth‘ and ‘Hibiscus with Plumeria‘. Then we painted out own flowers.

We hope our parents enjoyed seeing our masterpieces!

Art Exhibition & Listenening and Responding 003