St Clare’s Virtual Sports Day 2020

St Clare’s Virtual Sports Day 2020

Date: Saturday 27th June 2020

Venue: Your Home

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Active HOME Week 2020

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Active School Week 2018: Walking with a smile 2nd class.

Yesterday morning we  had a lovely walk in our local park.  We counted our strides  for a full lap and found out there were about 700 strides altogether.  Some clever minds then remembered that on average a young persons stride is about half a metre in length. They then calculated that it must be about 350 m per lap ! Smart minds and healthy bodies in 2nd class!

Sports Day Medals

There’s great excitement today as the Sports Day medals are being presented to the children. Medals were presented for the; Sprint, Sack Race, Beanbag Race, Egg & Spoon Race, 3-Legged Race and the Long Distance Race. Congratulations everyone!

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Spring Olympics

We all had a fantastic, fun filled day today. Each class from Junior Infants – 6th Class were divided up onto 16 teams. Each team rotated around different activity stations which were;

Unihoc                             Crab Walk

Reaction Sprints           Dance

Build a House                 Hurdles 

Cups and Saucers         Wimbledon 

Balloon Volleyball        Tic Tac Toe

Lightening Feet             Limbo

Penalty Pandemonium  

Basketball Hoop Challenge

Well done everyone for taking part and for making today a great success!

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