Run a Mile in Junior Infants

We have been doing ‘Run a Mile’ this year in Junior Infants. We have been running on Friday mornings and have been doing a great job remembering to bring our boot bags. We have great fun and Ms Shaughnessy and Ms O’Leary said we are definitely getting fitter! Here are some pictures of us doing ‘Run a Mile’ and PE.

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Spring Olympics

We all had a fantastic, fun filled day today. Each class from Junior Infants – 6th Class were divided up onto 16 teams. Each team rotated around different activity stations which were;

Unihoc                             Crab Walk

Reaction Sprints           Dance

Build a House                 Hurdles 

Cups and Saucers         Wimbledon 

Balloon Volleyball        Tic Tac Toe

Lightening Feet             Limbo

Penalty Pandemonium  

Basketball Hoop Challenge

Well done everyone for taking part and for making today a great success!

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