Dissolving sugarcubes in Room 12

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Last week in Rang a Trí we conducted a science experiment to investigate  how long it takes for a sugar cube to dissolve in different temperatures of water. We brainstormed in groups about what we would need and what we would … Continue reading

Robots in Room 12

Last week in Room 12 we learned a robot song, read a robot story and in art we made robot collages. The song we learned was as Gaeilge and it was called Is Robait Sinn go Leir. The story was about a robot called Metalmiss, who is a teacher and was very mean to the dreaded school inspector when he came to her class. When we made our robot collages we used paper and lots of other materials such as fabric, feathers, buttons, cotton wool, paper doilies, crepe paper, pipe cleaners, raffia, coloured card and ribbon. We reused old scraps of paper and old materials, because every time we do art we save any scraps or leftovers for future projects. We had lots of fun making our robots and we have pictures of our robots for you to admire.

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The parallel circuit and the serial circuit.

Today in science we were trying to turn on two light bulbs and a buzzer.We used two different circuits to try turning them on.They were called the parallel circuit and the serial circuit.When we did the serial circuit it turned on the lights but they were very dim,the buzzer was also very faint and when we tried to turn on the buzzer with the light bulb only the light bulb came on but when we did the parallel circuit and tried to turn the light bulbs they came on brightly and when we tried the buzzer and the light bulb together it worked perfectly.