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ECO Workshop

Today, Wednesday 15th May, a lady called Natasha came into 1st Class and talked to us all about reducing our waste, reusing different things and recycling as much as we can.

She told us lots of interesting facts about where paper and plastic come from and how they are made. We were amazed to see all of the different bags, clothes and jewellery that had been made out of recycled materials like tents, tyres and sweet wrappers!

We talked a lot about reducing the amount of electricity that we use at home.

Europe Day in First Class

On Thursday 9th of May, we celebrated Europe Day. We each picked a European country to do a project on. Gay Mitchell MEP, gave each of us a handbook about the members of the European Union. We used this to help us with our projects. We displayed our wonderful projects in the hall for Europe Day. There were lots of tables set up with different foods and lists of facts about that country. Each table had its national flag and the name of its country on it. We enjoyed finding out about the different countries and tasting the new foods.


We also took part in a European Handshake. We shook hands with one another in our class and said “Happy Europe Day” to one another. We were celebrating the diversity and solidarity within our classroom.

Tie Dye 2nd Class Room 11

Last week in room 11 we had great fun using the technique of tie dying to create wonderful designs on some cotton material.

We made up the dye solution using water, salt, and fabric die. When we had tied up our t-shirts and pieces of cotton with elastic bands, we soaked them in the dye for a couple of hours, stirring occasionally. After leaving them to soak, you must wash them in the washing machine and leave to dry.

Today we got to open them up to reveal all the unique designs and patterns that we created. We are thrilled with the results and are looking forward to wearing our new t-shirts and tops!

Planting Lettuce Seeds in First Class

Today in Room 10, we planted a packet of lettuce seeds. We took lots of pictures of what we did!

First, we dug two trenches in the soil.

Next, we each took a pinch of the seeds and we sprinkled them along the trenches.

Then, we carefully covered them over with the soil again.

We think it will take about three weeks for the seeds to grow into heads of lettuce.

We are going to watch them carefully for signs of growth.

We had lots of fun!

Experimenting with magnets: 2nd Class Room 11

Today we learned a little about magnets and how they work. We found out that they only attract certain types of metal, like iron, cobalt and nickel.

Magnets have two poles, one north and one south. Through experimentation of magnets we were able to show that opposite poles will attract, and same poles will repel each other.

We also tested the ability of magnets to work through various materials. We used paper clips and tested to see if the magnets were working through cotton, tin foil, wood, card, plastic and also water. After testing them we then recorded and discussed our results. We had a lot of fun experimenting with magnets.

Show and Tell 2nd Class Room 11

Today we had a ‘Show and Tell’ in our class. We got to bring in something that is special to us and that we love to play with at home. In class we showed our special item to the whole class and told everyone why it is special, and why we like playing with it.

Many of us have teddy bears and other cuddly toys which are special to us. Many of our special items were presents we received from family and friends. We are all very lucky to have such lovely toys to play with at home.

Grandparents Day in Room 10

On Wednesday 30th of January, we celebrated Grandparents Day in our school. We made cards to thank our grandparents for teaching us about God. We made up a list of questions that we wanted to ask our grandparents. Then, we came back into school and reported our results to the class. We learned about the different games, clothes and food that our grandparents liked when they were young. We were very excited and interested in our results.

We talked about the game of draughts, because Eoin’s Granny liked this game. We learned that you can only move diagonally in this game!

In Assembly, Mrs. O’Shea talked to us all about her grandchildren, when she was a child and about a book called “Granny Makes a Mess”. We really enjoyed listening to her stories.


Nuacht an Lae

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Miss Daly’s First Class have been working very hard on our Gaeilge each day. We use lots of phrases and sentences as Gaeilge gach lá. We have recorded some of our classmates doing our Nuacht an Lae. We really enjoy this activity every day! You can watch the videos of us telling our News of the Day.

Data in Room 10

Last term in our class, we learned all about recording data on bar charts and pictographs. We were very interested in this so we decided to make our own graph to record the different ways that we each come to school. Once a week we record our results on the graph, then our teacher asks us some questions. Here are some of the questions she asks:

– How many children walked to school today?

– How many children cycled to school today?

– How many more children walked than drove?

– How many children altogether drove and took the bus?

– How many more children walked than took the bus?

Here is our graph from today, Thursday 24th of January:

data-transport 001      data-transport 002