Science Week in Senior Infants!

We have loved doing lots of experiments this week for science week! We have been busy exploring different materials that float and sink. We predicted, tested and recorded our results. We especially loved doing the “Dancing Raisins” experiment and designing our own boats! We tested our boats by counting how many “passengers” it could hold before sinking.

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Junior Infant Book Characters!

We had lots of fun in school today as we were dressed up as our favourite book character. Our costumes were fantastic!! I hope all the children had a great day.

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Skeleton Art- Senior Infants Room 2

This week for art we loved constructing our own skeletons using glue and cotton buds! Before making our own skeletons we had read the story ‘Funny Bones’ in which the main characters were three skeletons- the big skeleton,  little skeleton and the dog skeleton.

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