Plastic Islands Presentation

In Fourth class, we have been busy doing a project on marine litter. On Tuesday, Aisling,Luke,Tom and myself went to present our project on plastic islands in Maynooth. There were 7 schools there in total from all around Leinster.

When we arrived we played a quiz where we had to find information in the shortest possible time and we were first back to with the correct answers so we won a box of chocolates! After that, we did our presentation, we went first! A few more groups presented their projects after us and then we had a break. After, our break some more groups presented, we thought they were all really good.

Then we had lunch, it was soup and sandwiches. It was a great day. Today, we were told we won! The judges were really impressed with our presentation, our research and our project. So, we have been picked along with just one other school to present our project at the National Marine Environment Conference at the Royal Marine Hotel in Dun Laoghaire in December. We were told there would be over five hundred people there! We were really excited and nervous but happy we won.  Have a look below at some pictures we took on the day!


By Isabel

Green Schools Workshop

Last week, we were delighted to welcome Joanne Scott from Green Schools Ireland to our class. We took part in a class workshop about marine litter and plastic islands. It was lots of fun. She told us about the work that many people around the world are doing to recycle plastics and reduce the plastic that they are using.

She brought in some plastic that she had collected with her family at the beach at the weekend. We were amazed to see how much she had collected in just two minutes at the beach. She brought in aluminium cans and crisp packets that were over 30 years old!

We also made our own version of a plastic island by mixing up lots of bits of discarded plastic and wrappers in a container and adding water and dye to represent the pollution that comes from the plastic. It was really disgusting to imagine that these islands of plastic are polluting our seas and are harming the marine creatures and fish that swim in our seas.

Plastic Island Collection

In Fourth Class, we are taking part in a Green Schools project based on the theme of the Marine Environment. We have been learning about plastic islands that are formed in different parts of the world when plastics that are thrown away or littered on land find their way into the sea. Then, the ocean currents sweep them into the ocean where they remain and are broken down into smaller and smaller pieces that are harmful to marine life and the marine ecosystem.These islands were first discovered in 1985 and they are like a soup of plastic debris that is kept together by ocean currents called gyres.

We have been busy all this week collecting plastic waste from all of the households in the school and in just three days we have gathered 38 bags of plastic waste! Stay tuned to the website and blog for more information over the coming days and weeks as we update you on our project.

Engineers Ireland – Litter Lab

The third classes were delighted to be given the opportunity to attend a Litter Lab hosted by Engineers Ireland in Ballsbridge. We walked to Herbert Park in the morning and had some lunch. Then we went into the Litter Lab. This was a show all about the science behind litter and the effects of litter on nature and on our communities. It was great fun! After the show, we went back to the park for some more lunch and had the chance to play for a while before getting the bus back to school. We had a super day and we were delighted that the weather was beautiful all day! Have a look at some of our pictures below.

1916 Mind Rising Project

In Third Class we took part in a special project called Mind Rising. This was an exciting project in which we used Minecraft to create our very own 1916 exhibition. Our classes were split into different groups and we each were responsible for creating our own building. You can have a look at a short video of the world that we created below.

You can also see a presentation of our project below which explains a little more about what we did and learned throughout the project. We hope you enjoy looking at this as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Go raibh míle maith agaibh.



Amhrán an Lae – Dhá Ghabhairín Buí

Seo é an tríu amhrán i gcóir Seachtain na Gaeilge. Is é “Tá dhá ghabhairín buí agam” an t-ainm atá ar an amhrán seo agus tá sé á chanadh ag Nell Ní Chróinín ó Cúil Aodha in iarrthar Chorcaí.

Seo é amhrán simplí do pháistí mar gheall ar cailín le dhá ghabhairín. Tá sí ag iarraidh iad a chrú ach níl aon buicéad aici chun an bainne a bhailiú. Mar sin téann an bainne go léir síos trína hata ar fuaid an bhaile!

Tá súil agam go mbainfidh sibh taitneamh as.

Seachtain na Gaeilge



Tá Seachtain na Gaeilge ag tosnú i Scoil Naomh Chláir an tseachtain seo. Tá na ranganna go léir ag obair go dian ar amhráin, dánta agus drámaí don ceolchoirm Dé hAoine. Bígí ag féachaint ar an mblog anseo gach lá chun a fháil amach cad atá ar siúl. Agus gan dabht, bígí ag caint Gaeilge!

Seachtain na Gaeilge is starting this week at St. Clares. All of the classes are working hard on songs, poems and dramas for our concert on Friday. Keep an eye on the blog to see what is happening in school and try to use a little Irish each day this week!

Mindrising Project 3rd Class

The Third classes are lucky to have started a 1916 project using Minecraft. The project is called Mindrising and they are going to build their own world with buildings and locations from 1916. To take part in the project they need to download software which is available from the below link.

Before clicking this link, make sure you have Java downloaded as per the letter sent home. This project is only for Third Class. Unfortunately, other classes will not be able to work on the project.

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Viking Projects & Visit to Dublinia

Third class learned all about the Vikings last term and completed projects about the Vikings in Ireland and life during Viking times. In December, Mr. Lynch’s and Ms. McGinley’s classes both visited the Dublinia Museum in  Dublin. This is a museum all about Medieval and Viking Dublin. It was really interesting. We got the bus to St. Patricks Cathedral and then we walked around Dublin Castle to see where the Vikings first settled in Dublin. We even saw the site of the Dubh Linn or black pool that Dublin was named after. We also saw parts of the old city walls and some of the old streets such as Cook Street and Ship Street that were named after Viking activities. We then walked to Wood Quay and saw where there had once been a Viking settlement. After the visit to the museum we ate lunch in the grounds of Christchurch cathedral and then walked back to school. It was great fun. You can also see in the picture gallery some images of the Viking inspired shields that we created in Art. We hope that you enjoy them.

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