Which Material Absorbs Best?

Spring showers can only mean one thing for our floors inside our homes…PUDDLES! First class put their thinking caps on today and came up with an experiment that would test which material would clean up puddles best. They made a prediction and then carried out the experiment to establish a result. Each of the children made sure to measure the water and the size of the materials carefully. It is so important that each test is fair so that the result is accurate.

Not only did first class discover whichmaterial absorbed best, they also discovered that playing with water is lots of fun!

Posting letters to our ‘Pencilpals’!

After as few complications, we finally made it to the post office to send our letters to our ‘pencilpals’ in Co. Cork.

We had worked so hard on our handwriting and letter writing skills. Because of this, Ms. O’Sullivan took us to the post office so that we could send the letters ourselves. Most of us had never posted a letter before, so we were very excited to see what happens.

Over the next few days, our letters will be making a long journey to Co. Cork. We can’t wait to hear back from our new friends!

Room 4 becomes the Sistine Chapel

Today in Room 4, we all stepped into Michaelangelo’s shoes. Michaelangelo was an Italian artist who is renowned for his beautiful pieces on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. He spent 4 years lying on his back painting the ceiling. It turned out that lying on your back and drawing a picture isn’t as easy as it looks!

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Building Towers in Room 4

Everyone in Room 4 put their thinking caps on today as we had a competition to see who could build the tallest tower! We used spaghetti and Blu-Tac to build our towers. We worked really hard with our partners on the challenge. Tara and Josh built the tallest tower in the end. It measured 11cm tall. The next time, we would like to try and build some bridges.

Things are Heating Up in Room 4!

In Room 4, we have been very busy looking at how heat can change things.

We have discovered that when you make a solid hot, it usually turns into a liquid. We observed ice melting into water and we saw how jelly cubes melt into a liquid when you add hot water.

Because there are so many class birthdays in November in our class, we wondered if there was a way for us to melt our jelly cubes quickly. We decided to melt 6 big cubes of jelly and then melt 28 tiny jelly. We monitored our water temperature using a thermometer and we made sure that we used the same amount of water in each bowl. We all made our predictions, then our race began!

Can you guess which cubes melted faster?

One for the Books!

What a day! I think it is safe to say that all of us in First class had such a great time dressing up as our favourite book characters today! It was great fun bringing our favourite characters to life. Here are some photos from our classroom and from our Book Character Parade! 

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Maths Challenge: First class vs. Fifth class 

As a part of Maths Week, 5th class, Room 7 have come up with a number of word problems for all of the students in first class to solve. This morning, the two classes met and first class proved their worth as they solved over 20 word problems together.

On Friday, 5th class plan to come back with problems that are even more challenging. We can’t wait!

Room 4’s Nature Hunt

In First class, Room 4, we have been talking about and looking at all the big changes that happen around us during Autumn: The leaves change colour and fall from the trees, the animals are preparing for hibernation, the birds are migrating and the weather changes. 

We went on an “Autumn Hunt“. We looked for anything that reminded us of Autumn. Our nature table is now full of conkers, hazelnuts and leaves. Well done Room 4! 

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Kevin’s Camogie Blitz

On Thursday, the St. Clare’s Camogie team travelled to Dolphin’s Barn for the Kevin’s Camogie Blitz. St Clare’s had two teams competing in the blitz and both teams played remarkably well. Each and every girl was awarded a medal on the day. Two girls in particular were rewarded for their wonderful team-work and leadership skills. What a great day! Well done girls!

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