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Christmas Cribs and Jesse Trees

The boys and girls in fifth and sixth class made beautiful Christmas Cribs and Jesse Trees. There was some wonderful creativity and craftsmanship on display. We also had some lovely Mosques on display made by the Muslim children in our school.

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Christmas Concert

We had fantastic Christmas Concert this year. All the boys the girls put in a huge effort. Senior Infants and the AS Senior Class put on a wonderful performance of Straw and Order, the audience thoroughly enjoyed it. All classes sang beautifully and the choir finished off the evening with a crowd pleasing performance of Their on the Roof! 

Do Pulley Systems Make Things Lighter?

This year in 6th class for the RDS Science Blast we decided to investigate pulley systems. First we made a single fixed pulley system but discovered that it made no difference to the weight. Then we made a multiple fixed pulley system. We calculated that there was a mechanical advantage of 1.8 with this method. Next we made a multiple pulley system using a movable pulley and a fixed pulley. This had the biggest mechanical advantage 3. Finally we wanted make a structure used in everyday life so we decided on a crane. We made the crane out of modelling wood and used 3 fixed pulleys and 1 moveable pulley. We also made a handle out of an old pencil which attaches to the pulleys and makes the crane work when you wind it. We really enjoyed doing this project.




Hydraulic Bridge

This year our class entered the Intel Mini Scientist Competition and our group was lucky enough to be selected to go to the Regional Finals. Our group’s topic was hydraulics, more specifically hydraulic bridges. We chose this topic because last year two people from our
group went to the previous regional final and three other groups did hydraulic arms and we had an interest in the science behind hydraulics. We decided to investigate hydraulic bridges.

At first we found it very difficult to construct the bridge and came across quite a few problems but after a while we figured it out. In November three judges from Intel came in and judged all the classes’ projects. Our group was lucky enough to be selected to go to the Regional Final! In preparation for the Regional Final we decided to make another bridge out of balsa wood. In December our group went to Blanchardstown IT and after a long day of presenting we made it to the National Finals in Maynooth. We were delighted when we found out we were in the top 1% in Ireland. Then the awards were announced but unfortunately we didn’t we win anything but were still extremely proud of ourselves.

Easter Bonnet

Well done to all the pupils who participated in the Easter Bonnet Parade yesterday. There were some fabulous creations and a lot of children used the marine environment as their inspiration. Congratulations to all the boys and girls who won most creative and best use of recycled materials.