Making Fire Extinguishers

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Equipment-  baking powder, string, plastic bottle with nozzle, kitchen roll and vinegar.


1. Place one sheet of kitchen roll on a flat surface.

2. Pour baking powder onto your sheet of kitchen roll.

3. Tie string around your sheet  of kitchen roll.

4. Pour vinegar into your plastic bottle.

5. Stuff your kitchen roll and baking powder into your plastic bottle making sure its not touching the liquid. Secure nozzle lid to bottle.

6.  Shake the bottle in the direction of your make-shift fire.



When the baking soda and vinegar reacted with each other it produced carbon dioxide (co2). The carbon dioxide quenched the oxygen to put out fire. The fire triangle needs three components- fuel, oxygen and heat. Our fire extinguisher removed two components heat when we used water and oxygen when we used carbon dioxide.